Manufacturing Noise Control

Generally manufacturing processes have a number of noisy sources that can negatively impact on the health, efficiency and productivity of staff, and the neighbouring community.

As Australian industry becomes increasingly aware of the the irreversible effects of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHS), Workplace Health and Safety issues and the benefits of an efficient environment, there is a greater need for innovative concepts to provide manufacturing noise control solutions.

Flexshield have a range of soundproofing solutions that can help eliminate and subdue noise, as well as control the following risks: welding flash, dust, fumes & smoke, chemical splash, cross contamination and air flow.

Flexshield’s proven noise control solutions which are especially suited to the manufacturing industry include:

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Construction Noise Control

With their large work forces, busy locations and by their very nature, noise from construction sites cause more problems than practically any other industry.

Fortunately no one knows more about construction noise control than Flexshield.

We’ve worked on numerous construction sites across a wide range of projects, from building to roads to demolition sites.

And we have successfully provided proven noise control engineering solutions that are easy to handle and install.

Noise problems caused by this industry can be related to environmental issues, occupational issues, or both and can require integrated solutions.

Permanent and temporary noise control products Flexshield has supplied to this industry include:

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Noise Safety in Mining, Oil & Gas

Throughout the world, those working in the mining industry have been susceptible to Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

In the United States for example, it is estimated that three in every four coal miners will experience NIHL by age 60, while a staggering 9 in 10 will suffer from hearing loss by the time they retire.

This is why noise safety in mining is so critical.

Mining processes including oil and gas have a collection of high noise levels coming from sources such as Water Pumps, Fans, Compressors, Blowers, Conveyors and Motor.

Therefore noise safety in mining is imperative.

Flexshield has provided noise control solutions for this industry that includes:

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Noise Safety in the Water Industry

Noise is not really a problem one generally associates with the water industry – water has such tranquil connotations – however noise presents a very acute danger for those engaged in this industry.

Water Treatment Plants, Pump Stations and Desalination Plants have various noise emitting equipment – mainly evolving from powerful pumps – and workers should proceed with caution.

And it’s not just workers in the immediate vicinity who are in danger.

Noise travels faster and further over water as the water’s surface is cooler; furthermore sound waves skimming the surface of the water can add to the amplification, particularly if it is calm.

So steps need to be taken to protect those working away from plant and equipment, as well as the greater community.

Flexshield’s supply of world class products for this industry includes:

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Noise Safety in the Power Generation Industry

By their very nature, all power plants invariably have some sort of noise issues that stem from sources such as steam turbines, gas turbines, compressors, generators, pumps, industrial boilers and blowers; and they all contribute to the overall noise levels.

Some facilities generate alarming levels of noise, which can lead to irreparable noise induced hearing loss (NIHL)

Fortunately Flexshield has vast experience in noise control for this Industry and have successfully supplied an integrated range of cost-effective solutions, including:

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Noise Safety at Trade Training Centres

Noise Safety is paramount at schools, colleges, TAFEs and other educational facilities.

Not only do students need to protect their hearing from the machines and equipment they and their fellow classmates are using, but they also need to hear what is being said by teachers and tradespeople. (Both in terms of curricular and safety instructions).

Flexshield has worked with numerous Trade Training Centres, Registered Training Organisations, engineering workshops and schools over the years to ensure the safety of students and teachers.

Flexshield delivers the following solutions to this industry:

If you need assistance or advice on achieving noise safety at your trade training centre -or to arrange a quote or onsite consultation – call the experienced team at Flexshield on 1300 799 969 today.