Flexshield are passionate about providing you with a workplace noise solution that works from Day One, and will continue to provide effective noise control for many years to come.

Our innovative, state-of-the-art products have been carefully designed to reduce or completely subdue the offending noise and comply with all Safe Work Australia and Workplace Health & Safety laws.

Which means that whatever your sound control issue, we have the answer. And we would like to prove it to you by offering you a Sound Safety Consult.

Contact us to arrange a visit your premises so we can assess your needs and determine the real issues at hand.

We’ll talk with you to understand your concerns and requirements, take multiple noise readings, and produce a written report of findings and recommendations for your consideration.

Flexshield will solve your workplace noise problems by:

  1. Visiting your premises to talk through your issues and identify the real causes.
  2. Taking detailed noise readings and producing a written report of findings.
  3. Designing and installing a customised, attractive solution that will reduce or completely eliminate the offending noise.
  4. Ensuring your workplace complies with all WH&S Laws.

Solutions we may recommend include:

Acoustic Enclosures

  • Can be designed using our innovative panel system “Sonic System” or prefabricated in-house using a structural frame.
  • Ideal as Machinery Enclosures and for use with generators, pumps, Presses, Saws, Compressors, etc.

Acoustic Walls & Barriers

  • Designed to absorb, block or deflect noise away from workers.
  • Effectively divides up factories and workplaces to create “quiet areas” such as factory offices or dispatch.

Flexible Acoustic Curtains

  • Flexible machine enclosures
  • Sound attenuating screens
  • Mobile Noise Barriers
  • Concertina-style to allow access to large sections of screen
For Flexshield, nothing beats actually being on-site with you.

That’s why as part of our workplace noise audit, we walk around, examine the area, and take available space and workflows into account to come up with the right solution for your individual circumstances. Because we are specialists in the industry, you can be confident that when you deal with Flexshield, you’ll get the very best solution for your needs.

And of course, our products are specially designed for tough, industrial environments – so you can ensure a long life and excellent ROI… despite exposure to dirt, dust, mud, water, and even corrosive chemicals.

To arrange a mutually convenient time for your workplace noise consultation, please call us on 1300 799 969 or email ronnie@flexshield.com.au or simply click here.