Acoustic Doors

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Acoustic Doors

Flexshield has been manufacturing Acoustic Doors for a variety of technical applications for years.

Always alert to new technologies and standards, our acoustic door sets provide unrivalled strength, insulation qualities and aesthetic appearances, particularly designed for industrial, public and commercial environments. One example is Flexshield's unique “Sonicfix” soundproof door concept, the only 100% ready-to-fix door set. Appreciated by both architects and building professionals, the concept saves time and money and gives a higher quality result.

Today, Flexshield’s accumulation of technical knowledge enables us to offer a solution to every industrial acoustic door challenge. The requirement may be industrial workplace safety issues, acoustic doors for plant and equipment, acoustic enclosure doors noisy clubs or studio acoustics. Whatever the application Flexshield is more than capable of meeting the requirements.

A commitment to top quality, design, manufacture and enthusiasm for innovation has resulted in Flexshield’s sustained and continuing growth Australia wide.

Now this successful reputation for quality, innovation, service and performance is taking Flexshield and our customers into the future together.

Acoustic Doors are used to:

  • Reduce the amount of sound passing through a door
  • Prevent noise leakage

Applications for our Acoustic Doors include:

  • Plant & equipment
  • Clubs
  • Studios
  • Industrial workplace
Sonic Access


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Acoustic Door types

Central to the success of any noise control treatment is the prevention of leakage or breakout of noise. One of the most common causes of noise leakage is the lack of soundproof doors, or poorly fabricated and fitting doors.

Flexshield supply a range of sound proof doors ready to install; they are immediately operational straight after fitting.

Following are the types of acoustic doors available:

  • Swinging acoustic door assemblies
  • Acoustic fire door assemblies
  • Sliding acoustic doors
  • Standard soundproofing door assemblies
  • Custom built noise control doors
  • Specialist industrial soundproofing solutions for individual door requirements

Our soundproofing doors are constructed from strong heavy sheet metals, mounted within rigid frames and fitted with welded hinges to ensure maximum noise control along with heavy duty wearing and durability. All doors are fitted with appropriate seals to complete the sound insulation process, with the added bonus of preventing draughts of cold air and wind.

Sonic Access acoustic doors can be fitted with customised items, such as panic bars, handles, locks, peep-holes and others as required. All doors come complete with painted finish in a choice of colours.

Sliding or multiple swinging soundproofing doors are often preferred solutions to space restrictions, and here at Flexshield, our team of industrial soundproofing experts are able to design and manufacture customised doors to suit your unique requirements

Order your soundproofing doors today.

Flexshield acoustic doors are custom made to suit your exact size and environment requirements. Once a solution has been chosen Flexshield is able to quickly manufacture and supply. Acoustic doors are available as a kit with easy installation instructions, or alternatively Flexshield will arrange to install at your location.

Flexshield acoustic door assemblies are painted at the factory, in accordance with the usual colour charts. Trim colour can be matched with the architectural requirements of the site. As a result, door assemblies are immediately operational after installation.

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