Acoustic Louvres

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Acoustic Louvres

Placing acoustic screens around noisy machines often restricts the ventilation of work areas. The installation of Acoustic Louvres or Acoustic Grilles allows for adequate ventilation, while maintaining acceptable noise levels.

Sonic acoustic louvres are the ideal solution when aesthetics are as important as noise reduction and/or ventilation. Typical applications are enclosures for air-conditioning intakes and generators, and complete stand-alone plant rooms.

As an option, the acoustic louvres can be equipped with a bird screen.

Acoustic Louvres are used to:

  • Allow for adequate ventilation while maintaining acceptable noise levels

Applications for our Acoustic Grills

  • Acoustic Enclosures for air-conditioning intake
  • Acoustic Enclosures for generators
  • Complete stand-alone acoustic plant rooms
  • Central ventilation systems
  • Workshop ventilation
  • Cooling towers
  • Wall grilles
  • Acoustic ventilation screens
Acoustic Louvre


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Flexshield Acoustic Louvres for every application.

Acoustic louvres are fabricated in a wide range of materials and finishes. Acoustic louvres can be supplied as modular acoustic walls. Sonic louvres can also be fabricated in to acoustic louvre gates or doors.


Acoustic louvres are custom fabricate to suit any opening size, acoustic or airflow requirements. Once the correct design has been chosen the acoustic louvers are supplied quickly and are easy to install.

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