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Acoustic Mobile Tent (Sonic Tent)

The Flexshield Acoustic Mobile Tent (also known as the Sonic Tent) is designed as a comprehensive at-source noise control solution for the construction / building industry.

Taking just moments to erect, take down and re-position, the tent is able to assist in making your site noise compliant by using state-of-the art noise control technology and products.

At Flexshield we understand construction, which is why we have spent hours on developing and perfecting quality noise control solutions to enable our clients to get on with the job.

Preliminary Testing Shows 14 – 18 DBA (L90) Transmission Loss

The Sonic Tent is designed to:

Control construction site noise at the source.

The Flexshield Acoustic Mobile Tent is ideal for:

• Occupied Buildings
• Night Works
• Works in CBD Area
• Hospital Renovations
• Concrete Sawing
• Tile Cutting
• All Construction Noise Control needs

Acoustic Mobile Tent Features:

* Cutting edge technology & design
* The result of hours of Research & Development
* Erects in minutes to minimise stoppages
* Easy to take down and re-position
* Easily transportable from site to site

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