Temporary Noise Barriers

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Construction Noise Barriers for Hire

Flexshield's Temporary Noise Barriers (Sonic Curtains) provide maximum noise reduction by incorporating sound barrier and noise absorption properties in the one curtain. Fully portable, they reduce noise by the required number of decibels to help you comply with government legislation and to keep on working, without disturbing the environment. Soundproofing your construction site allows workers and contractors to work for extended periods, thus increasing efficiency and profits. The noise barriers are manufactured to suit a wide range of noise frequencies. NATA-tested (AS ISO 354-2006), they have been lab-tested to provide 26dB reduction at 1000Hz. They are available to purchase outright or hire as and when needed.

Temporary Noise Barriers are used to:

  • Provide temporary noise reduction from industrial and construction works
  • Provide safe and enjoyable working conditions for employees
  • Control the spread of dust and fumes

Our Temporary Noise Barriers are ideal for:

  • Night works

    Drilling sites


    Civic Engineering sites (Tunnel & Rail projects)




    Construction works


    Earth and Road works


    Refurbishments on occupied buildings


    Compressors, Saws and other loud equipment

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Features of our Sonic Curtains

Our Australian-made temporary noise barriers are manufactured to provide a temporary noise reduction screen around plant sites or enclosures around noisy industrial procedures such as demolition works. They are quick, safe and simple to install so you can get the job done faster. They are great for either short or long term applications and fully transportable so you can move them from site to site. These curtains are able to be hung from temporary site fencing, hoarding and scaffolding. They are fire and weather proof and can easily incorporate vision panels, access doors and other penetrations.

Install your own noise barriers, or ask Flexshield

Flexshield temporary noise barriers are custom made to suit your exact size and environment requirements. Once a solution has been chosen, Flexshield is able to quickly manufacture and supply the sonic curtains, either internally or externally. They are available as a kit with easy installation instructions or alternatively we will arrange to install at your location.

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