Welding Bays

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Welding Bays

Acoustic welding bays by Flexshield have greatly improved safety at TAFEs, colleges, schools, training centers and engineering workshops.

Often called welding booths or welding cubicles Flexshield manufactures supplies and installs a complete range of acoustic welding bays, and our welding bay partitions are second to none. They are commonly used throughout Trade Training Centre’s (TTC), TAFE, High Schools, Colleges and general industry.

Every welding bay has been designed to answer the needs of manual arts, TAS and welding teachers across Australia. There is even a modular welding bay option. Our welding booths are soundproof meaning a pleasant teaching environment. And being of solid construction are virtually indestructible in what is often a high vandalism risk area.

Flexshield Welding Bays are used to:

  • Control noise
  • Protect welder & bystanders from radiation
  • Control fumes
  • Control welding smoke

Applications for our Welding Bays include:

  • TAFEs
  • Colleges
  • Schools
  • Training centers
  • Engineering workshops
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Welding Booth features:

Welding and Grinding Noise Welding and grinding bay operations are one of the most intense noise sources in industrial working environments. Prolonged exposure to high noise concentrations can damage ear drums and cause noise-related deafness. Besides personal suffering, this often means long term absences through illness or high costs as a result of permanent disability. In less serious cases, too much noise is often the cause of loss of concentration and consequently a loss of quality and lower production volumes.

Too much noise also seriously disturbs communication on the shop floor which leads to mistakes. Studies have shown that noise pollution in training rooms leads to gaps in knowledge and even to educational errors. The government has established maximum permissible noise level standards. The maximum noise level to which employees are exposed on the shop floor should be limited to the legal maximum noise level. For the design and construction of low noise welding bay training areas, Flexshield offers a complete system of Sonic Insulating Partitions. These partitions offer a significant improvement to working and ergonomical conditions in the work place.

Sonic Insulating Partitioning Systems can be built into any welding bay design combination, even a modular welding bay. The modular system can be easily and quickly assembled (and is therefore cost-reducing), moved, expanded or changed into other configurations.

Each element consists of perforated plates and a fire resistant Acoustic Core. Out of these components it is easy to construct complete welding bays, in which exhaust arms and other devices can be mounted. Flexshield is able to help design a complete layout of Welding Bays and provide a one package solution including Welding Bay dividing walls, Welding Screens, Work Benches, Extraction, Power, Lighting, Gas Supply and even Welders.

Welding bays are constructed from a range of different materials based on our clients’ needs. All welding bays meet with Australian standards. Flexshield offers a complete state of the art solution for all welding bays / welding booths / welding cubicles

  • Welding Bay Layout Design
  • Acoustic Welding & Grinding Bay partitions
  • Welding Strip Curtains and Screens
  • Welding and Grinding Benches
  • Extraction Systems
  • Gas Lines
  • Air Lines
  • Power / Electrical
  • Welders and other Plant

Flexshield is the industry specialist in the supply / design and fit out for all metal trade areas in training centres. We are also able to assist in any noise control or dust extraction that may be required for construction or carpentry training.

Is your enquiry regarding the TTC in Schools program? Flexshield is the approved supplier of welding screens and bays to these projects.

Order your Welding Bays and Booths today.

Flexshield welding bays or welding booths are custom made to suit your exact size and environment requirements. Once a solution has been chosen Flexshield is able to quickly manufacture and supply.

Welding Bays can be supplied in kit form, but installation services are also provided by Flexshield. Being a modular type system, Flexshield Welding Bays offer flexibility in the event of re-arrangement or shift.

Flexshield has NATA accredited test results for acoustic welding bays and have test results available for their welding screens. This ensures that Schools and Training Centres can relax in the knowledge that their staff and students are safe.

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