Dust Proofing for Warehouses

The dust proofing for warehouse option you may not have considered 

Dust proofing for warehouses and other commercial buildings usually involves the application of concrete coatings and large-scale dust extraction units; but did you know there was another simple, cost-effective approach to containing dust?

Before we give you the answer to that question, let’s take a quick look at dust and why it can be such a big problem for commercial and industrial businesses.

Why is dust proofing for warehouses necessary?

By far the most common source of dust in the average warehouse is uncovered concrete flooring, with the reasons why they dust varying with the age of the slab. For new concrete, the biggest source is a fine, loose by-product of the hardening process called laitance; for older slabs, abrasive traffic is the main problem.

Dust, in all its forms, can also be caused by machinery, production equipment, loose raw materials, packaging material, human activities and a whole host of other sources. To put it bluntly, dust and dust-like matter is everywhere!

The problem with concrete dust, in particular, is how fine it is and its uncanny ability to get everywhere! It can contaminate and damage all sorts of valuable things: food, stock, electrical gear…the list goes on. In cases where large volumes are generated through commercial operations such as concrete cutting and grinding, it’s also a major health hazard with a proven link to silicosis – a deadly lung condition caused by scarring from these tiny particles over long periods of time. 

With risks like these you can see why “dust proofing for warehouse” is such a common Google search term (and most likely the reason you’re reading this page).

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Dust proofing screens and barriers

Ok, so getting back to the original point. Concrete coatings and dust extraction units are undoubtedly effective dust-control options, but installation of these measures typically comes with significant costs and potentially longer shutdowns that not every warehouse can afford. They may also be a bit of overkill, especially if dust generation is at a lower level or confined to smaller areas.   

In those instances, there’s another dust proofing for warehouse option that may be more suitable in the form of PVC screens and barriers. Here’s just a couple we offer at Flexshield:

  1. Flexshield PVC strip doors, swing doors, and sheet curtains provide a physical barrier that controls airborne dust by slowing air velocity, allowing airborne dust to settle. Custom-made for your application, these dust control barriers also maintain easy access and provide 100% visibility.
  2. Flexshield SonicClear workshop PVC screens provide a physical barrier to airborne contaminants, allowing you to protect your workspace. They can control dust, noise, fumes, splash, odours, and insects, as well as providing paint and weather protection. 

Where can screens and barriers for dust proofing be used?

Dust proofing for warehouse dust is one thing, but can these types of screens and barriers also be used to stop migration of other nuisance particles? The answer is yes.

The high-quality, versatile Flexshield PVC screens and barriers are effective at controlling all other forms of dust, such as:

  • Coal dust
  • Sawdust
  • Grain dust
  • Dust in foundries
  • Grinding dust
  • Sanding dust

And are suitable for use in all types of businesses, including:

  • Sensitive equipment rooms
  • Medical facilities
  • Grain facilities
  • High-end industry
  • Laboratories
  • Chemical manufacturing

Flexshield dust control PVC screens and barriers are also custom made to suit the exact size and environmental requirements of your business.  We have the capability to quickly manufacture and supply the products, which can be purchased as a kit with easy installation instructions, or professionally installed at your location.

For further information on dust control and related topics, our blog post “Cross Contamination in Manufacturing: Frequently Asked Questions” is worth a read.

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