Noise Control Curtains Made for Industrial Use

When you hear the words “industrial” or “industrial use”, certain expectations come to mind with regards to the conditions involved and the products that are made to handle them.  

In this article, we want to explore exactly what the term industrial use means and show why the noise control curtains made for industrial use by Flexshield are a good choice when you’re dealing with this type of environment.

What does “industrial use” mean?

As we all do these days for research, let’s turn to Google to see if it can paint a clearer picture of the sort of conditions associated with the words industrial and industrial use.

While there are plenty of results for terms like these, the general idea is that “industrial” is typically used to describe an environment where the working conditions are outside of what may be considered optimal or even controlled. Industrial environments are therefore considered harsher than the average work environment, with the workers and equipment they use often exposed to extreme ranges of heat, humidity, wind, dust, noise, and many other factors. 

Examples of industrial uses that pop up in such a search include:

  • Metal processing
  • Pulp and paper processing
  • Mining for minerals and oils
  • Fibres and textile processing
  • Food processing and production
  • Plastics, paints, inks and coatings production
  • Construction

Properties of noise control curtains for made for industrial use

When you think about those industrial examples listed above, you can start to gain an appreciation for the type of properties products like noise control curtains made for industrial use must have.

Let’s take mining for example. In Australia, most mining operations are conducted in remote parts of the country notorious for the brutal conditions that prevail. First of all, there are the temperature extremes, with long, hot days followed by sharp drops leading to cold nights. With the sun belting down on these areas and very little rainfall, there’s also constant UV exposure and typically dry, dusty surface conditions. The nature of mining operations also means that aggressive chemicals are used and produced in abundance, which obviously poses significant threats to equipment through chemical corrosion and other forms of damage.  

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To survive and perform in those types of industrial environments, products need to have certain properties and noise control curtains aren’t an exception.

To start with, they must be made of high-quality material to withstand the rigours of outback Australian weather and provide long-lasting performance in these remote areas. This quality extends to being UV and chemically resistant to handle the constant sun and chemical exposure on these sites. They also need to be easy to clean, preferably with just a hose or high-pressure cleaner, so that keeping them in working order doesn’t become a distraction for the managers charged with keeping operations running smoothly.

Proven noise control curtains made for industrial use

While it’s easy to claim products are made for industrial use, the ruthless nature of mining and other industrial businesses means they can’t afford to waste time or money with cheap imitations. They need to see actual examples of these products delivering reliable performance in real-life applications.

For Flexshield and our noise control curtains made for industrial use, we have such an example in the form of our work with a gold mine in Western Australia to control the noise around their crusher machinery.

These machines are used to reduce the size of rocks, stones and ore, which they can do either through a compressive or impact style. Both methods are very noisy and can easily be above minimum standards, so they need durable, site-ready noise control measures to reduce the risks of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) to nearby workers.

You can read the full story about how our acoustic curtains provide crusher noise and dust control for one of Australia’s largest gold mines by clicking on the link.

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