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Acoustic Enclosure

Acoustic Enclosure Ensures Noise is Below the Legal Limit

HGW Projects recently contacted Flexshield for a Noise Control Solution...

HGW Projects recently contacted Flexshield for a Noise Control Solution for two refrigerator condenser units situated at an Aged Care Facility. The Council had issued a compliance condition as the units did not pass acoustic requirements – they were 6dB higher than the maximum allowable noise level.

Flexshield tailor-designed and manufactured an Acoustic Enclosure to solve the noise challenge. The enclosure was constructed of V50 Sonic System Panel and was mounted on lockable castors to allow for easy access for maintenance.

The Aged Care Facility was very pleased with the results achieved from their investment. A representative from HGW Projects commented,

“In regards to your follow up questions, yes our client was very happy with the Flexshield enclosure! I too was super impressed with the quality of material and finish of the product.

The enclosure achieved the required acoustic level and is a noticeable improvement for all in the area.

Our only concern has been the temperature buildup within the enclosure on the condenser units, however I installed a digital thermometer to monitor the temp readings inside the unit and the temperature has been on average 29-30 degrees which is perfect and on a super hot day spiked to 39 which is still very reasonable.

Overall we are very pleased with the enclosure and would definitely use/recommend Flexshield for similar solutions in the future!”

Flexshield manufactures a wide range of Noise Control solutions including Acoustic Enclosures, Acoustic Louvres and Attenuators and Acoustic Doors.


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