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Sonic Acoustic Mobile Tent (Sonic Tent)

Sonic Acoustic Mobile Tent (Sonic Tent)

Revolutionise Site with the Flexshield Sonic Acoustic Mobile Tent

In the construction industry, noise control is an important aspect that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The high noise levels generated by heavy machinery and equipment can disrupt the workflow and pose a risk to the hearing health of workers and nearby residents.

The Flexshield Sonic Acoustic Mobile Tent has been engineered to provide unparalleled noise control in challenging construction environments. With cutting-edge technology and design, this sturdy portable tent delivers exceptional performance without compromising productivity.

Acoustic Mobile Tent Performance

Experience the unparalleled noise control of the Flexshield Sonic Acoustic Mobile Tent, engineered to deliver exceptional and convincing performance in challenging construction environments. Benefit from cutting-edge technology and design, ensuring maximum noise reduction without compromising productivity.

Acoustic Mobile Tent Construction

Crafted with durability and portability in mind, the Sonic Tent boasts a robust construction that withstands the rigours of the construction site while remaining easy to transport. Its rapid deployment system allows for swift setup, minimising disruptions and optimising workflow efficiency.

"The Flexshield Team is very professional and a pleasure to work with. They maintain active communication and ensure that customer satisfaction is paramount."

John Holland PL - VIC/TAS/SA/QLD Region

Acoustic Mobile Tent Testing and Compliance

Rigorously tested to meet stringent noise reduction standards, the Sonic Tent offers peace of mind in noise-sensitive environments. Preliminary tests reveal impressive Transmission Loss of 14–18 DBA (L90), ensuring compliance with noise regulations even in the most demanding settings.

How to Specify Acoustic Mobile Tent

Specify the Flexshield Sonic Acoustic Mobile Tent confidently for your noise control needs. Contact our team for a detailed consultation and assessment tailored to your requirements. Whether occupied buildings, night works, CBD areas, or specialised construction tasks like concrete sawing and tile cutting, the Sonic Tent provides a versatile and reliable solution to diverse noise challenges.

Transform your site into a quieter, more efficient workspace with the Flexshield Sonic Acoustic Mobile Tent, which is setting new standards in noise control for the construction industry.

Questions people ask about Sonic Acoustic Mobile Tent (Sonic Tent)

An acoustic mobile tent, or a sonic tent, is a portable structure designed to control and reduce noise levels in various environments, particularly construction sites.

Acoustic mobile tents work by enclosing noisy activities within a specialised structure equipped with sound-absorbing materials, effectively containing and reducing noise transmission to the surrounding environment.

The primary benefits include noise reduction, compliance with noise regulations, enhanced worker safety, minimised disturbance to nearby residents or businesses, and improved productivity by creating a quieter work environment

Industries such as construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure development frequently use acoustic mobile tents to mitigate noise pollution during drilling, cutting, grinding, and other noisy operations.

Yes, acoustic mobile tents can be customised to accommodate specific requirements, including size, shape, materials, and additional features such as ventilation systems, access points, and insulation options.

Yes, acoustic mobile tents are designed for rapid deployment and can be easily erected, dismantled, and relocated as needed, minimising downtime and facilitating efficient workflow on construction sites.

While acoustic mobile tents are typically low-maintenance, periodic inspections and cleaning may be necessary to ensure the structure’s and its components’ optimal performance and longevity.

Yes, acoustic mobile tents are suitable for short-term and long-term projects, offering a flexible and cost-effective solution for managing noise pollution over extended periods.

To determine the appropriate size and specifications, consider factors such as the nature of the noisy activities, available space on the site, regulatory requirements, duration of the project, and any specific environmental considerations. Consulting with Flexshield can help tailor the solution to your specific needs.

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