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Noise Control for Defence

Protecting Defence Workers from Harmful Noise

Workers in defence are no less susceptible to noise than those in any other industry. The National Code of Practice for Noise Management stipulates that worker exposure should be limited to no higher than 85 dB for more than 8 hours per day/shift; nor can they be exposed to peak noise that is louder than 140 dB.

Flexshield have provided noise control and screening solutions to the Department of Defence directly or via their contractors, including:

To optimise noise control on your defence project, follow our seven steps to noise control:

  • Elimination – remove the source of the noise altogether.
  • Substitution – employ alternate maintenance/construction techniques.
  • Isolation – use noise control products such as baffles and attenuators.
  • Equipment – choose the quietest makes and models on the market.
  • Engineering control – both at source and in the transmission path via acoustic curtains, doors and louvres or acoustic enclosures.
  • Quiet work practices – such as putting a time limit on noisy periods, and
  • Administrative control – with management making a concerted effort to reduce noise exposures.

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