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PVC Screening and Factory Dividers

Custom made PVC Screening and divider solutions for your facility

Flexshield PVC screening and factory dividers have demonstrated success in contamination prevention and control, noise control, dust, fume control, splash and wash bays, swarf control, and bird and insect control.

Constructed from the highest quality PVC, our screening and factory dividers are safe for use in food manufacturing and medical facilities. Our red PVC – the only welding grade PVC that meets Australian standards – is excellent for use as welding screens.

Flexshield can provide PVC screening in a wide array of colours, sizes and thicknesses, ensuring we can create an original design that suits your industrial business.

Our process for providing customised PVC screening solutions

Flexshield has more than 15 years of experience working with various Australian industries, including manufacturing, construction, mining oil and gas, water, power generation, and education.

Our national sales and estimating team will inspect your facility to understand your business operations. We will then design a PVC screening solution to meet your facility’s unique requirements, whether you need a factory divider or contamination control.

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PVC screening and factory dividers

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