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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about Flexshield’s soundproofing products or industrial noise control in general, please email or call 1300 799 969

No, Flexshield are industrial noise control specialists.
We only provide large scale soundproofing solutions for factories, construction sites and the like.

We need to have a spectrum that allow us to best match our product(s) to the application. An onsite consultation allows us to carry out detailed noise readings, take note of space and work flows, allowing us to tailor-make a solution.

Yes, Flexshield does hire out noise barriers (or sonic curtains as they are also called). They are ideal for construction sites and road works to place around compressors & generators, saws, drills, etc.

Most of Flexshield’s soundproofing products, such as Flexible Noise Barriers and Acoustic Curtains, can be supplied in kit form with easy installation instructions, or we can install them at your location.

Flexshield have a wide range of Flexible PVC Screens and Factory Dividers, which can be hung as sliding sheet curtains to let you contain or open up an area as it suits you. We will be delighted to visit your factory and discuss your best options.