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Sonic Acoustic Walls

Sonic Acoustic Walls

Sonic Acoustic Walls – Innovative Solutions for Noise Reduction

Sonic Acoustic Walls offer a flexible solution to absorb and attenuate noise, providing practical noise reduction for noisy pumps, tunnel constructions, and industrial environments without altering the noise source.

With a long history of manufacturing Sonic Acoustic Walls for some of Australia’s largest infrastructure, resources, and utilities projects, Flexshield, a trusted name in the industry, brings unparalleled expertise and reliability to every project.

Sonic Acoustic Wall Performance

Our Sonic Acoustic Walls are designed to deliver exceptional noise reduction performance in diverse environments. Whether it’s reducing industrial machinery noise or other sources of noise pollution, our acoustic walls effectively absorb and attenuate sound to create a quieter and more comfortable environment.

Sonic Acoustic Wall Construction

Flexshield’s Sonic Acoustic Walls are built using high-quality materials and innovative design techniques to ensure durability, longevity, and optimal performance. Our Sonic System Acoustic Modular Panels feature a metal skin acoustic sandwich panel construction, allowing for seamless integration of access points.

Soundproof acoustic walls can be constructed from various materials depending on the application and sound control requirements. Acoustic walls are designed to absorb or attenuate noise and contain it within the surrounding noise source. They can also incorporate vision panels and access points as needed.

Sonic Curtain Acoustic Flexible Curtain Noise Walls are a great choice when flexibility, constant wall shifts, or relocation is required. They are also an excellent option for mobile noise barriers on construction sites, drilling sites, and earthworks.

"Very happy with the acoustic walls around the PowerStation. I can’t believe how fast it went in…and the noise reduction is incredible! Look forward to seeing you on more projects."


Sonic Acoustic Wall Testing and Compliance

Our panels undergo rigorous testing and certification to ensure industry standards and regulations compliance. NATA-tested and certified to AS 1191-2002 standards, our Sonic Acoustic Walls meet the highest quality and performance criteria, providing our clients and stakeholders with a sense of reassurance and peace of mind.

How to Specify Sonic Acoustic Walls

When specifying Sonic Acoustic Walls for your project, please consider the noise reduction requirements, site conditions, wind regions, and specific project specifications. Our dedicated team of experts at Flexshield is committed to providing tailored solutions and guidance, ensuring you select the right system for your needs. We value your project and are here to support you every step of the way.

Where allocated, please supply Flexshield Sonic Acoustic Walls.

The wall shall have the following features:

  • Industrial Wall to have an acoustic rating of Rw_______ and Sound Transmission Loss per frequency band as below:
    • Sound Transmission Loss (TL) (dB) 125, 250, 500, 1K, 2K, 4K
  • Fabricated and installed to manufacturer specifications.
  • Quantity and sizes found on drawing numbers: _________

Sonic System Acoustic Noise Wall


Thickness: 75mm, other sizes available
Material: Compressed Fibre Cement and Polystyrene sandwich panel
Accessories: As required
Wind load testing: Yes
Weatherproof: Yes
Modular: Tongue and Groove
Colour: Dulux Grey Nurse, other colours available on request

For more information about Sonic Acoustic Walls and to schedule a detailed assessment and consultation, contact Flexshield today. Call us on 1300 799 969.

Questions people ask about Sonic Acoustic Walls

Industrial Sonic Acoustic Walls are specialised barriers designed to absorb or block sound, primarily used in industrial settings to reduce noise pollution generated by machinery, equipment, and industrial processes.

Industrial Sonic Acoustic Walls help create safer and more comfortable working environments by significantly reducing noise levels, protecting workers from potential hearing damage, and minimising disturbances to nearby communities.

Industrial Sonic Acoustic Walls are commonly used in manufacturing facilities, power plants, oil and gas installations, transportation infrastructure, warehouses, wastewater treatment plants, and mining sites to mitigate noise pollution and comply with regulatory requirements.

Industrial Sonic Acoustic Walls work by strategically placing soundproof barriers between noise sources and receivers. They effectively absorb or block sound waves to reduce noise transmission and minimise its impact on surrounding areas.

Industrial Sonic Acoustic Walls can be constructed using robust materials such as concrete, metal, fibreglass, or specialised soundproofing panels designed to withstand harsh industrial conditions and provide optimal noise reduction.

Factors to consider include noise levels, frequency range, space constraints, regulatory requirements, environmental conditions, installation ease, and budgetary considerations specific to industrial applications.

Maintenance requirements for industrial acoustic walls depend on the materials used and environmental conditions. Regular inspections and cleaning may be necessary to ensure optimal performance and durability in industrial settings.

Yes, industrial acoustic walls can be customised in size, shape, material, and acoustic performance to meet each industrial facility’s unique noise control needs, ensuring effective noise reduction and compliance with regulations.

Industrial acoustic walls can contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing noise pollution and minimising the impact of industrial activities on surrounding communities, promoting a healthier and more livable environment.

No, Flexshield industrial Sonic Acoustic Walls are specifically designed for industrial applications and may not be suitable for residential use.

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