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Grinding Bays

Grinding Bays

Experience the Ultimate Learning Environment with Flexshield’s Acoustic Grinding Bay Solution

Welcome to Flexshield’s Acoustic Grinding Bay solution, where we prioritise creating an optimal learning environment for vocational and technical education. Our meticulously designed acoustic grinding bay provides a dedicated space for woodworking, metalworking, and industrial processes, ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding school areas. With a core focus on noise reduction, safety, and compliance, our solution allows students to engage in hands-on learning experiences without compromising comfort or well-being.

Specifications Suited to Application

Our acoustic grinding bays combine high-quality Australian-made products, such as Sonic System Acoustic Modular Panels, SonicClear Strip Curtains, and FlexWeld Welding Mats.

Our SonicClear PVC Strip curtains offer noise reduction, dust and fume control, and temperature regulation, among other benefits. Available in different widths, thicknesses, and colours, these curtains guarantee safe working conditions for employees.

Our prefabricated modular panels provide versatile soundproofing solutions. These modular systems feature sonic insulating partitions that can easily be assembled, moved, expanded, or reconfigured according to your needs. The partitions consist of perforated plates and a fire-resistant acoustic core to ensure functionality and safety.


  • Improved safety and ergonomics for schools and training centres.
  • Significant enhancements to workplace ergonomics and conditions.
  • Mitigates the risks of dangerous spaces and personal injury.
  • Reduces fire hazards and controls noise levels.
  • Ensures compliance with government regulations.
  • NATA-accredited test results are available, assuring performance.
  • Customisable to suit the precise size and environmental requirements.

Materials used to create a Flexshield acoustic grinding bay.

Our acoustic grinding bay is made with high-quality materials, including perforated plates and a fire-resistant acoustic core, ensuring durability and effectiveness.

Grinding Bay Walls

  • We use Flexshield Sonic System V50 acoustic panels and pre-finished steel and Rockwool’ sandwich panel’ construction.
  • The colour of the walls is Dulux’ Grey Nurse.’
  • The internal faces, where the wall faces the noise source, are made with perforated steel of 0.6mm.
  • The external faces of the walls are made of a solid steel sheet of 0.8mm.
  • The internal makeup of the panel is acoustic-rated Rockwool – 70kg per m3.
  • Sandwich panels are capped in a 2mm steel channel and finished in ‘Galvabond’ or powder-coated to the customer’s colour choice.
  • The welding mats are supplied as 900mm square mats or can be cut to length from a 10m x 900mm roll.
  • The welding mats are 6.5 mm thick, solid vinyl with a corrugated surface.
  • The electrical rating: Dielectric rating 30,000 volts, Proof Tested 20,000 volts, recommended usage 17,000 volts.
  • Our FlexWeld welding floor mats comply with AS/NZS 2978-1995.

SonicClear Strip Curtains

  • These curtains are fabricated from a AS3957 complying product.
  • The strips are 300mm wide x 2mm thick and hang with an overlap.
  • The strips fix to a heavy-duty extruded and anodized aluminium suspension track with stainless steel bolts, nyloc nuts, and dished washers.
  • The track is 3.5mm thick and in an ‘L’ profile, allowing for both face and head mounting positions.
  • The standard finish is 300mm off the floor. The 300mm distance is for safety, ventilation, and cleaning – however, the distance from the floor is customisable to meet the customer’s needs.

"We are looking to purchase some more of the SonicClear curtain, the ones purchased earlier this year have proven to be a great investment. "

Leigh Brannen

Test & Compliance

NATA-accredited test results are available for our acoustic grinding bays, along with test results for our Sonic Clear curtains, providing documented evidence of performance and reliability.

How to Specify

Contact Flexshield for a detailed assessment and consultation. Provide information on your exact size and environmental requirements and choose between kit form or expert installation at your site for added convenience.

For more information about Flexshield’s Grinding Bays, contact us at 1300 799 969 or visit our website for online enquiries.

Questions people ask about Grinding Bays

For more information, contact Flexshield at 1300 799 969 or visit our website to submit an online inquiry. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions or requests.

We offer detailed assessment and consultation services to help determine the exact requirements and specifications for your acoustic grinding bay needs.

Our solution is versatile and can be used in engineering and metals centres, training centres, and other industrial settings where noise reduction and safety are priorities.

The acoustic grinding bay utilises high-quality materials, including perforated plates and a fire-resistant acoustic core, ensuring durability and effectiveness.

Our solution features an easily assembled, moved, expanded, or reconfigured modular system, making installation straightforward. Maintenance is minimal, ensuring long-term functionality.

We provide NATA-accredited test results for our acoustic grinding bays, ensuring documented evidence of their effectiveness and reliability.

Flexshield’s acoustic grinding bay can be customised to precise size and environmental requirements, providing flexibility and efficiency for different school settings.

Our solution improves safety and ergonomics, enhances workplace conditions, mitigates risks of injury and fire hazards, controls noise levels, and ensures compliance with government regulations.

Our acoustic grinding bay utilises a modular system of sonic insulating partitions, perforated plates and a fire-resistant acoustic core to absorb and reduce noise generated by machinery and equipment.

An acoustic grinding bay is a dedicated space within a school designed for woodworking, metalworking, and other industrial processes while minimising noise disruption to other areas. It’s crucial for creating a conducive learning environment and ensuring safety and compliance.

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