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Welding Floor Mats

Reduce the risk of electric shock

Welders face life-threatening hazards every day they turn up for their shift. The risk of electrocution, fire and explosion, burns, electric shock, vision damage, inhalation of poisonous gases and fumes, and exposure to intense ultraviolet radiation are all real and present dangers.

FlexWeld welding floor mats are non-conductive welding mats for trainers and students involved in metal trade training applications. The welding mats reduce the risk of electric shock in environments with high voltage electrical current, and provide a non-slip, anti-fatigue work surface.

They are ideal for use at switchboards or electrical control panels, near fuse boxes, and at all high voltage electrical equipment.

Flexweld welding mats can be used for:

  • Protecting a welder from electrical shock
  • Metal trade training centres
  • Switchboards
  • Electrical control panels
  • High voltage electrical equipment

FlexWeld welding mats specifications

Size:  Welding mats are supplied as 900mm square mats, or can be cut to length from a 10m x 900mm roll.

Colour: Black surface with high visibility yellow ramped border.

Construction: Welding mats are 6.5 mm thick, solid vinyl with a corrugated surface.

Electrical rating:

Dielectric rating 30,000 volts
Proof Tested 20,000 volts
Recommended usage 17,000 volts

Our FlexWeld welding floor mats comply with AS/NZS 2978-1995.

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