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Acoustic Enclosures

Custom-made noise control for machinery and equipment

An acoustic enclosure is the ideal solution for controlling noise from a specific source.

Each acoustic enclosure uses a different combination of Flexshield industrial noise control and screening solutions. The acoustic enclosure design is unique for each client’s application and has NATA accreditation.

Products we may select from include:

Acoustic enclosures will reduce noise from machinery and equipment, including:

  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Saws
  • Presses
  • Mechanical plant
  • Fabrication processes
  • Moulders
  • Grinders
  • Sanders
  • CNC machines
  • Fixed plant and equipment, or
  • Trucks and forklifts.

The design considers your requirements for access, operation and maintenance, ventilation, ease of installation, and improved efficiency. This is why we use a combination of our products to create the perfect enclosure.

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Note: Flexshield provides industrial acoustic solutions.
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When designing an acoustic enclosure to control noise in a manufacturing or processing facility, you should consider:

  • Health and Safety requirements
  • Possible impacts on your workflow efficiency
  • Ease of operator access
  • The need not to impact productivity
  • A clear line of sight to the operator or critical processes
  • Infeed/outfeed of pipes or conveyors
  • Ventilation and fume extraction
  • Removable access hatches
  • Crane or forklift access
  • Access for maintenance

Our process for designing the ideal acoustic enclosure

When designing an acoustic enclosure, it's vital to ensure its design is specific to your factory's needs, processes, and machinery.

To do this, the Flexshield team perform the following critical steps:

  • An initial consultation by phone or web call.
  • A Flexshield site visit to inspect your processes, take sound level recordings, and step you through the possible solutions.
  • Evaluate and design the best solution
  • Present the design for review and sign off
  • Manufacture, deliver and install the acoustic enclosure.
  • Handover of the acoustic enclosure.

Contact us for more information about custom-made acoustic enclosures

At Flexshield, we work continuously with our clients to find innovative ways to be effective. Our industrial noise control solutions comply with the relevant Australian/New Zealand Standards and are NATA tested and certified for your peace-of-mind.

You can trust a Flexshield Acoustic Enclosure to reduce noise and improve your organisation's Health, Safety and Productivity.

Our experienced noise control consultants will tailor the perfect solution for your factory, your processes, and your specific piece of machinery.

Contact us for more information about our Acoustic Enclosures. For a detailed assessment and consultation contact Flexshield on 1300 799 969 or contact us online.

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