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Sonic System Acoustic Modular Soundproofing Panels

Sonic System Acoustic Modular Soundproofing Panels

Unleash Unrivalled Performance with Sonic System Acoustic Modular Panels

Welcome to our Sonic System Acoustic Modular Soundproofing Panels, the ultimate solution for versatile and easy-to-install soundproofing needs. Our acoustic panels are designed to offer exceptional performance and are highly adaptable to various project requirements. This versatility ensures you can confidently use our panels for various applications, catering to your unique soundproofing needs.

Sonic System Acoustic Modular Panel Performance

Discover unparalleled performance with Sonic System Acoustic Modular Panels. Engineered to meet the highest standards, our panels deliver exceptional sound absorption, achieving an impressive NRC rating of 1.10 with the V50 and V100 variants. Whether you want to minimise noise transmission or enhance acoustic comfort, our panels offer the perfect solution.

With accredited test results showcasing their superior Noise Transmission Loss and Noise Absorption capabilities, you can trust Sonic System to create quieter and more productive environments. Plus, our panels are designed to be highly adaptable, catering to a diverse range of applications while maintaining their outstanding performance.

Experience the difference with Sonic System Acoustic Modular Panels and elevate your soundproofing needs.

Sonic System Acoustic Modular Panel Construction

Our pre-fabricated acoustic panels can be conveniently cut to fit your application size. They feature a modular tongue and groove style, which provides exceptional performance and facilitates quick and hassle-free installation, covering large areas in no time. This ensures that your soundproofing needs are met efficiently and without any hassle.

Our panels are made of pre-finished steel and rock wool construction, with perforated steel external faces having 37% FOA. They are made of approved and tested acoustic-rated Rockwool and undergo anti-corrosive treatment with epoxy primer and paint. Additionally, we have specified acoustic rating specifications and used Dulux ‘grey nurse’ colour for the panels.

Key Features of Sonic System Acoustic Modular Panel

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Ideal for industrial soundproofing
  • Fireproof and combustion-resistant
  • Available in pre-finished ‘off-white’
  • Accredited test results for Noise Transmission Loss and Noise Absorption
Thickness standard sizes 50mm & 100mm – other sizes are available
Material Perforated Steel, Rockwool, Steel Sheet sandwich panel
Accessories Channels, flashings and furring’s
Panel finish Corrosion resistant coating
Wind load testing Wind loads are ultimate wind load pressures in accordance with AS1170.2
Weatherproof Yes
Modular Tongue and Groove
Colour Dulux Grey Nurse, other colours available on request

"I am very happy with the Sonic System Acoustic Panels – they worked extremely well. I personally think your service was excellent. I believe we received a much better product at a much more competitive price than what was actually designed. Thank you "

Jaco van Eeden | Project Leader – Worley Parsons

Testing and Compliance

Our acoustic modular panels have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their quality and safety. They not only comply with the following standards but also exceed them, meeting the highest industry requirements for sound absorption, sound insulation, and reaction to fire. 

  • Sound absorption ASTM C422-90
  • Sound insulation AS/NZS ISO717-1-2004
  • Reaction to fire FRL of -/120/- in accordance with AS 1530-4-2014 Sections 1,2 & 3

How to Specify:

When ordering our acoustic panels, it’s crucial to consider the following specifications to ensure you get the best panels that meet your project requirements:

  • Acoustic Panel type: ________ 
  • The panel should have the following features: 
  • It should be constructed with a pre-finished steel and rock wool sandwich panel that is _____mm thick.
  •  It should be coloured in Dulux ‘grey nurse’.
  • All external faces of the panel should be perforated steel with 37% FOA, random pitch, and hole size.
  • The internal part of the panel should be approved and tested acoustic-rated Rockwool with a density of 70kg per m3.
  • The panels should have an anti-corrosive treatment of epoxy primer and paint.
  • Sandwich panels should be capped in a 2mm steel channel finished in ‘galvabond’ or coated to the customer’s colour choice.
  • The sandwich panel should have an acoustic rating of Rw_______, NRC________, and Sound Transmission Loss per frequency band, as per the below.

By following these specifications, you can ensure a seamless experience and optimal results that meet your needs.

Supply and Installation

Our acoustic modular panels are available as straight panel supply or can be custom-cut to your requirements. We also provide a complete range of capping channels, flashings, and fixings.

Sonic System Acoustic Modular Panel Test Results

Product Name Rw(dB) Internal steel sheet (mm) External steel sheet (mm) Insulated Core Thick (mm) Weight (kgm2) Transmitt (W/m2K) Width Length
Sonic System acoustic modular   Panel – V50 1.0 31 0.50 0.70 mineral wool 50 15.6 0.70 450 mm any length up to 5700   mm
Sonic System acoustic modular   Panel – V100 1.1 37 0.50 0.70 100 20.9 0.35
Sonic System acoustic modular   Panel – V100SP 1.0 47 0.50 1.00 100 46.0 0.38
Sonic System acoustic modular   Panel – V225 NA NA 0.50 0.50 50 20.1 0.77
Sonic System acoustic modular   Panel – VA50 0.9 NA 0.50 50 6.2 0.70


Questions people ask about Sonic System Acoustic Modular Soundproofing Panels

For more information about Sonic System Panels or to request a customised quote, please get in touch with us directly. Our team will happily assist you with your soundproofing needs and provide expert guidance tailored to your project requirements.

Yes, Sonic System Panels are designed for easy disassembly and reassembly, allowing for flexibility in layout and configuration. They can be moved or rearranged as needed without compromising their performance.

With accredited test results showcasing their superior Noise Transmission Loss and Noise Absorption capabilities, Sonic System Acoustic Panels deliver exceptional acoustic performance, creating quieter and more comfortable spaces.

Yes, Sonic System Panels are weatherproof, ensuring durability and longevity even in challenging environmental conditions.

Sonic System Acoustic Panels feature a modular tongue and groove style, allowing quick and hassle-free installation. They can be easily clipped together to cover large areas efficiently.

Absolutely! Sonic System Acoustic Panels can be conveniently cut to fit your application size and requirements. Whether you need specific dimensions, colours, or additional features, customisation options are available.

Yes, Sonic System Panels are fireproof and combustion-resistant, making them suitable for industrial environments where fire safety concerns them.

Sonic System Acoustic Panels are ideal for various applications, including soundproof enclosures, engine test cells, dyno booths, and generator enclosures. They can easily be tailored to fit specific project requirements.

Unlike traditional methods, such as heavy construction or foam insulation, Sonic System Acoustic Panels offer a lightweight and modular solution. They are easy to install, highly adaptable, and provide excellent acoustic performance.

Sonic System Acoustic Modular Panels are prefabricated soundproofing panels designed to minimise noise transmission and absorption. They offer versatile solutions for various applications, ensuring quieter environments.

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