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WeldflexTM Strip Curtains

WeldflexTM Strip Curtains

Robust welding screens that resist tears and burns

Traditional welding screens are a common workplace item, but are often a cause of frustration. The thin PVC sheet is fragile and tears or burns easily, which means keeping screens up to Australian safety standards can be an endless and expensive project.

Flexshield welding screens and curtains are designed to overcome these issues associated with traditional one-piece welding curtains.

Weldflex™ welding strip curtains are made from durable 2mm thick material – six times thicker than conventional welding screen material – which means they won’t easily tear or burn. They are also compliant with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3957:2014 .

The benefits of Weldflex™ welding strip curtains

Tough and repairable

Weldflex™ 2mm thick welding strips and 1mm thick welding sheets provide unmatched resistance to tearing, burning, and  accidental damage. And even in the event some strips are damaged, they are quickly and easily removed from the key rail for individual replacement.

The overlapped welding screen strips allow long fabrications to protrude right through the screen without compromising blue light protection.

Failsafe protection

Weldflex™ does not rely on the “human element” to close curtains when welding. Free hanging welding screen strips will reliably fall back in place, regardless of what goes through them. Weldflex™ complies with Australian Standard (AS/NZS 3957:2014) regarding light-transmitting screens and curtains for all welding operations.

Static or mobile options

Flexshield mobile welding screens further enhance all the advantages of the Weldflex™ welding screen system. Their durable galvanised steel construction along with heavy-duty castors make the mobile welding screen ideally suited to the rigours of any busy workshop.

Because the welding strips are suspended at the top of the frame, the welding screen won’t be punctured or torn by objects on the floor. Weldflex™ mobile screens are available in standard sizes or can be made to measure, ensuring that the screen size is best suited to your application.

Welding curtains supplied in optional kit format

All Weldflex™ welding curtains are available in kit form, which includes strips cut to length and hole punched, along with aluminium mounting tracks, all required strip fixings, and detailed installation instructions.

They are ideal for replacing old “torn sheet” style curtains to create either a static welding bay or a mobile welding screen/barrier for on-site or workshop use.

Mounting options for welding strip curtains

Support structure

Flexshield will quote to fabricate and install any steelwork required to allow installation of Weldflex™ welding screens in your workshop.

Standard track

Weldflex™ welding curtains come as standard with the universal key rail for mounting the strips. The key rail is not structural and must be attached to a suitable support structure; eg. light RHS section appropriate to the size of the screen.

Combing rail

The optional stainless steel combing rail is ideal for corrosive areas where aluminium won’t last. It also allows for the swift removal of individual strips for maintenance.

Sliding track

Where unrestricted access is necessary, our sliding rail is the preferred solution. Whole panels can slide either left or right to open up large areas.

Welding strip curtains can be used for:

  • Engineering
  • Workshops
  • Welding bays
  • High schools and TAFEs
  • Manual arts
  • Trade Training Centres

Installation of welding strip curtains

Flexshield welding strip curtains are custom made to suit your business’s exact size and environment requirements. Once you’ve chosen a solution, Flexshield have the capability to quickly manufacture and supply the curtains. They are available either as a kit with easy installation instructions, or Flexshield can install them at your location.

Contact us for more information about our Weldflex™ Welding Strip Curtains. For a detailed assessment and consultation contact Flexshield on 1300 799 969 or contact us online.

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