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Acoustic Louvres

Flexshield Acoustic Louvres – Reduce noise while allowing ventilation

Flexshield Sonic Series acoustic louvres keep noise levels down without sacrificing ventilation.

In some instances, noise control can hinder the performance of the machine you are trying to silence. For example, if the ventilation around noisy machines is compromised, it can lead to high temperatures that can affect the device’s effectiveness and reduce its lifespan.

To mitigate this, Sonic Series acoustic louvres allow for ventilation and all-weather protection while reducing noise levels. In addition, our acoustic louvres are insulated with rock wool to reduce noise transmission.

Acoustic louvres can create the complete solution independently or be part of a more comprehensive solution, such as an acoustic enclosure. Sonic Series acoustic louvres are available in a variety of materials, blade widths and finishes. Flexshield can supply and install them Australia wide as modular panels or turn them into louvre gates or louvre doors.

Ideal applications for Sonic Series louvres:

  • Acoustic enclosures for air conditioning intakes.
  • Acoustic enclosures for generators and pump rooms.
  • Stand-alone acoustic plant rooms.
  • Central ventilation systems.
  • Workshop ventilation.
  • Cooling towers.
  • Acoustic ventilation screens.

Options & accessories for Sonic Series acoustic louvres:

  • Bird/vermin screens.
  • Insect mesh.
  • Security screens and bars.
  • Volume control dampers.
  • Fire and smoke dampers.
  • Dust filters.

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