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Acoustic Louvres

Flexshield Acoustic Louvres – Reduce noise while allowing ventilation

Flexshield Sonic Series acoustic louvres keep noise levels down without sacrificing ventilation.

Acoustic louvres, a key component in noise reduction architecture, serve the dual purpose of diminishing sound transmission and maintaining efficient airflow in various settings, including industrial and building environments.

These custom-designed, weatherproof structures effectively balance sound control with ventilation, ensuring a quieter, yet well-ventilated space. Essential for managing noise pollution, acoustic louvres are strategically employed in areas where sound levels need regulation without compromising on air circulation.

In some instances, noise control can hinder the performance of the machine you are trying to silence. For example, if the ventilation around noisy machines is compromised, it can lead to high temperatures that can affect the device’s effectiveness and reduce its lifespan.

To mitigate this, Sonic Series acoustic louvres allow for ventilation and all-weather protection while reducing noise levels. In addition, our acoustic commercial louvres are insulated with rock wool to reduce noise transmission.

Acoustic louvres can create the complete solution independently or be part of a more comprehensive solution, such as an acoustic louvre enclosures. Sonic Series noise control acoustic louvres are available in a variety of materials, blade widths, and finishes. Flexshield can supply and install them Australia-wide as modular panels or turn them into louvre gates or louvre doors.


Acoustic Louvred Doors and Gates

Acoustic louvre doors and gates are specially designed structures that use acoustic louvres to control sound transmission. Louvres are slatted structures that allow airflow while minimising the passage of sound. In the context of doors and gates, acoustic louvres are used to reduce noise levels passing through them.

These doors and gates are commonly used in environments where noise control is crucial, such as industrial facilities or power stations. The louvres can be adjusted to balance the need for ventilation and sound reduction, making them versatile in various applications. The design aims to maintain a certain level of acoustic performance while allowing for necessary airflow and ventilation in the enclosed space.


Ideal applications for Sonic Series louvres:

  • Acoustic enclosures for air conditioning intakes.
  • Acoustic enclosures for generators and pump rooms.
  • Stand-alone acoustic plant rooms.
  • Central ventilation systems.
  • Workshop ventilation.
  • Cooling towers.
  • Acoustic ventilation screens.


Options & accessories for Sonic Series acoustic louvres:

  • Bird/vermin screens.
  • Insect mesh.
  • Security screens and bars.
  • Volume control dampers.
  • Fire and smoke dampers.
  • Dust filters.


What are the benefits of Acoustic Louvres?

Noise and Vibration Control:

  • Our soundproof louvres excel in diminishing noise and vibrations, particularly in settings with high decibel levels, such as mechanical environments.

Enhanced Airflow and Visibility:

  • These structures not only manage sound but also regulate airflow and, in some designs, visibility, ensuring a comfortable and functional space.

Diverse Applications

  • They are especially useful in spaces like generator plants, mechanical rooms, educational institutions, public buildings, and compressor rooms, balancing the need for reduced noise with adequate ventilation.

Noise Path Alteration:

  • By offering an alternate route for sound waves originating from noise sources, these louvres effectively minimise sound transmission to the surrounding areas.

Use of Infill Materials for Sound Dampening:

  • The incorporation of specific materials within these louvres aids in further reducing noise levels.

Facilitates Air Intake and Exhaust:

  • They are crucial for maintaining a steady stream of fresh air in a facility, acting as an intake and exhaust system.

Promotes Natural Ventilation:

  • By enabling natural air movement, these louvres can help lower energy consumption and provide a supply of fresh air, contributing to a healthier environment.

Variety and Customisation:

  • A wide range of acoustic louvre types are available, each catering to different specific needs, allowing for customisation based on the desired benefits.


Why Choose Flexshield Acoustic Louvres?

  • Sonic Series Acoustic Louvres are built to Australian standards, produced to the highest industry standards and best practices, and utilise cutting-edge technologies and superior sound-dampening materials for optimal efficiency.
  • Sonic Series acoustic louvres are lightweight, cost-effective, require very little maintenance, and provide long-term operational savings.
  • Our acoustic louvres are supplied quickly and are easy to install.

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