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Noisy electrical pump motors made safe with acoustic covers


Acoustic covers on pump motors


Utilities – Water




Perth, WA

Initial project requirements:

Flexshield’s client faced a challenge with two large electrical motors which drove pumps – and also generated noise levels at an unacceptable level for Workplace Health and Safety guidelines.

The client knew they needed noise control treatment for the motors – yet there were several complicating factors. The motors featured numerous electrical, water, and air feeds which would need to penetrate any acoustic treatment – without compromising the noise control’s effectiveness. The motors also had an emergency stop button which could not be inside the acoustic enclosure – oh and the enclosure had to be easily removable for regular maintenance!

Flexshield solution:

Flexshield designed, manufactured, and installed two individual acoustic pump covers to address the motor noise. The team used Sonic System V50 acoustic panel for the roof, and Sonic Curtain for the flexible sides of the noise control enclosures.

Using Sonic Curtain with Velcro slits and side joiners allowed for complete access whenever required. It also made installation very quick and simple, since the penetrations could be formed in-house at the manufacturing stage.

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