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Creating a custom acoustic enclosure for a quieter workplace


Acoustic Enclosure for Machinery






Molendinar and Ormeau, QLD

Initial project requirements:

Geofabrics have supported the infrastructure sector on significant projects from the Victorian Level Crossing Removal projects, to APLNG in Queensland, to the Christchurch Gondola in New Zealand. Flexshield and Geofabrics have enjoyed a ten-year working relationship, work well together thanks to a shared dedication to being solutions-focussed.

Flexshield first began working with Geofabrics at their Molendinar site to enclose an existing noisy machine – which was being used daily – due to a rezoning issue. The closer residential developments got to the facility, the higher the risk of more frequent complaints from neighbours and visits from the EPA.

Even though Geofabrics’ second facility at Ormeau is located away from residential buildings, management opted to install an acoustic enclosure to provide their workers with a quieter workplace.

Flexshield solution:

Geofabrics requested that Flexshield reuse parts from their existing enclosure at Molendinar for their new facility at Ormeau. The Flexshield team focused on the design phase, performed site visits to judge how to reuse the tall door effectively, and selected roof and wall panels.

To ensure the enclosure’s structural safety, Flexshield worked with an engineer so that the large free span ceiling was supported.

Flexshield visited the site and worked continuously with Geofabrics to design the ideal solution: an acoustic enclosure created from V100 Sonic System acoustic panel and Sonic Access doors.


The more peaceful working environment at Geofabrics has increased productivity and potentially decreased downtime due to illness.

Acoustic enclosures are designed for each application – there is no one size fits all approach. Flexshield designers took great care in the design phase to make sure they created the best solution for Geofabrics’ needs.

To ensure the best outcome, projects of this size can take extended periods of time in the design phase. In fact, due to the magnitude of the Geofabrics project it took five to six months to complete.

For more information about acoustic enclosures for your facility, contact Flexshield on 1300 799 969.