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Flexshield provides noise control for water pump station


Pump Station Noise Control




QUU - Queensland Urban Utilities


Springfield Rise

Flexshield noise control products used in a custom-built plant room housing noisy water pump equipment.
Springfield Rise – Noise Control for Water Pump Station

Initial project requirements:

Even though utilities such as electricity, natural gas, and water play a vital role in our everyday lives, most of us are unaware of the sheer scale of what they do for us.

For example, in South East Queensland alone, each year Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU):

  • supply more than 136,000 ML of water
  • remove and treat 124,600 ML of sewage

Flexshield worked with QUU on the Springfield Rise project at Spring Mountain, a new development that would eventually be home to 12,000 residents. The project required a new water booster pump station to increase local water pressure, forcing the water to flow faster through plumbing pipes.

Typically, a water boost pump station contains two or more pumps, inlet and outlet pipes, and all motor and electrical controls to make the pumps operate.

If the pump station’s acoustic design and construction are inadequate, it will emit excessive noise, leading to noise disruption for neighbouring residences and complaints to the authorities. This then results in the need to retrofit soundproofing measures.

A much smarter and more cost-effective solution is to incorporate smart acoustic design into the build as part of the development before building the pump station.

Since the new water booster pump station would be located only metres from the closest residential houses, an ultra-quiet pump station was the only option for our client.

Flexshield solution:

During the early phases of the project, the Flexshield team worked closely with project engineers and QUU to design the pump station.

Given its proximity to residences, the Springfield Rise pump station needed to:

  • Blend into the residential surroundings
  • Control the noise effectively, and
  • Minimise the environmental impact.

As the project progressed, Flexshield worked with the builder (T.C. Clarke & Son) to ensure the manufacture and installation met with the project timelines and achieved compliance with the stringent site noise limits.

To create an ultra-quiet water booster pump station, Flexshield’s soundproofing solution included:

  • Sonic Access Rw46 acoustic door
  • Sonic louvres SL3-45 Series
  • Sonic Econo panel with internal acoustic lining
  • Sonic Panel lift door

This combination of Flexshield products created an ultra-quiet water booster pump station, achieving DA compliance and keeping the neighbours happy.

For more information about industrial noise control solutions, contact Flexshield on 1300 799 969.

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