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Flexshield’s solution enhances safety for vocational students


WeldflexTM and SonicClear strip curtains for school welding bays




Pimlico State High School


Townsville, North Queensland

Initial project requirements:

Pimlico State High School is a co-educational independent public school located in Townsville, North Queensland. They faced a significant challenge in ensuring the safety of their students who engaged in vocational activities such as welding and grinding.

Recognising the potential dangers of these activities, the school sought a reliable solution to protect its students, approaching Flexshield to explore the available options. The school had a particular interest in Flexshield WeldflexTM and SonicClear strip curtains and fume extraction systems.

Flexshield solution:

One of the primary issues with traditional welding screens is their fragility, which often leads to tears and burns – and ongoing maintenance and safety concerns.

With this in mind, Flexshield supplied the school with 2700 mm x 1700 mm Weldflex™ strip curtains and 1700 mm x 1700 m SonicClear strip curtains, along with two telescopic fume arms for fume extraction in welding bays.

Flexshield’s Weldflex™ welding strip curtains were specifically designed to overcome burns and tears. Manufactured using a durable 2mm thick material – six times thicker than conventional welding screen material – the curtains are resistant to tearing and burning. They also comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3957:2014, ensuring the highest level of safety.

Flexshield also provided PVC strip curtains – custom-made to suit their specific sizes and environmental requirements – to Pimlico State High School. These curtains are manufactured using top-quality materials, including non-corrosive aluminium and stainless steel mounting components. Available in various widths, thicknesses, and colours, PVC strip curtains offer versatility and are ideal for various applications.


Flexshield’s solution proved to be highly effective in meeting Pimlico State High School’s safety requirements. The school was more than satisfied with the products, sharing their positive feedback and installation photos. According to the school, the curtains were relatively easy to install and have been performing exceptionally well.

Pimlico State High School now benefits from enhanced safety measures in its welding and grinding areas. The robust Weldflex™ strip curtains have significantly reduced the risk of tears and burns, ensuring a safer student environment. What’s more, the SonicClear Strip curtains and telescopic fume arms have improved air quality by extracting fumes generated during welding activities.

By addressing Pimlico State High School’s safety concerns by providing durable and compliant welding strip curtains, Flexshield has demonstrated its commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that prioritise the wellbeing of students and promote a safe learning environment.

To find out how Flexshield’s range of products can enhance safety in welding areas and improve workplace conditions, contact the expert team on 1300 799 969 or get in touch online.



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