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How Flexshield industrial PVC curtains are protecting horse skeletons – and more!


University of Melbourne Werribee Campus Redevelopment




Billard Leece Partnership/Kane Constructions


Melbourne, Victoria

Flexshield SonicClear 1mm thick PVC curtain
SonicClear PVC Curtain hung on an "easy slide" track allowing for the ability to slide right back.

Initial project requirements:

The University of Melbourne Werribee campus contains vital infrastructure for the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences (FVAS) activities, including a Veterinary Hospital, an Equine Centre, various animal research facilities, teaching facilities and student accommodation. The University campus undertook a $53M Design and Construct development which would be essential for the city of Melbourne.

The University of Melbourne Werribee campus redevelopment was a combination of new buildings and renovations to existing buildings. Flexshield were involved right from the specification stage.

The project included:

  • Five-story Learning and Teach building Including refurbishment of existing building 418
  • Two-story Veterinary Hospital frontage extension and renovation of existing spaces

Flexshield worked with the architects, Billard Leece Partnership, to specify the correct solution. As the project progressed, the team then worked with KANE construction for the design, manufacture and install phases.

Specified in the project were Flexshield sliding PVC industrial curtains, which would be used for:

  • Contamination control in the dissection lab to contain overspray. The curtains needed to be retractable to allow full access to the lab.
  • Air temperature/ humidity control for specimen storage room in the pathology lab. The main goal was the safe storage of animal bones in the mobile racking system. Flexshield’s curtains allowed access to the racks while controlling the air temperature and humidity within the area.

Flexshield worked extensively with Billard Leece Partnership and KANE throughout the project to supply and install our SonicClear PVC curtains.


Flexshield solution:

Since the development was a GreenStar project, Flexshield’s solution needed to comply with strict environmental standards while also offering easy access and containing air and overspray. The curtains needed to be retractable, corrosive resistant, clear, and don’t take up too much room when retracted.

Flexshield supplied and installed our 1mm thick SonicClear PVC curtains with stainless steel eyelets for both labs. As they were hung on “easy slide” tracks, the curtains are able to slide right back to each either end of the track to allow for full access to the lab, saving the client time and space.


Flexshield’s excellent products and service met the builder’s expectations regarding environmental and safety compliance, budget and timing, and ease of doing business.

For the University of Melbourne, the supplied curtains achieved their desired result. The University now enjoys a clean and safe work environment, and secure storage for delicate items such as medical parts and of course, horse skeletons!

The completed project demonstrates Flexshield’s ability to design, manufacture and install innovative solutions for clients of all types.

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