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Flexshield Filter Screens
SonicClear PVC splash screening that is rated and built to withstand blow-outs.

Initial project requirements:

Flexshield created a solution for two global companies: MSP Engineering and Tianqi Lithium.

MSP Engineering has 50 year’s international project delivery experience and is at the forefront of engineering design and construction of complex processing plant and industrial minerals sectors.

Tianqi Lithium is a leading investor in the Western Australian lithium industry.

Flexshield was engaged to help with a problem unique to the industry – Filter Press Processing – where the slurry by-product of the mineral processing plant filters through an extensive panel filter unit. There is a considerable risk of a filter membrane blowing out and releasing caustic mud at great force into the workplace. If by chance, the filter membrane did blow-out it could cause significant injury. MSP approached Flexshield to design, supply and install a solution that would increase the safety of employees and minimise risk.

Project challenges:

The curtain system needed to be retractable, clear and robust enough to withstand a 225psi blow-out – while being compact enough not to hinder overhead crane operations and maintenance cycles.

Flexshield solution:

We designed, built and installed SonicClear PVC splash screening that is rated and built to withstand blow-outs is easy to retract to conduct filter maintenance. The curtains consisted of a stainless-steel tube headrail for corrosion resistance, clear ultra-heavy duty, chemically reinforced PVC, chain-weighted hem and all stainless-steel fixings.

The comprehensive project demonstrates Flexshield’s ability to design, manufacture and install, quality and innovative solutions for our clients.

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