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Noise Control Curtains for Generator Hall on Remote Island


Generator Soundproofing


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Palm Island off Queensland Coast

Noise control curtain for generator
A Bank of several generators with Noise Control curtains

Initial project requirements:

Generators are one of the most common industrial noise sources. In most cases they are real hazards, not just for those who are actually using the generator power, but also personnel maintaining and servicing the equipment.

Palm Island Power Station is run by a bank of several generators. As they provide the only source of electricity to the island, these generators are in operation 24/7. There was a requirement to bring the noise down to a safe level for the power station operators who had to perform maintenance and other duties.

Due to North Queensland’s hot, humid climate, the units could not be wrapped up with close acoustic canopies without installing massive ventilation and cooling systems.

Flexshield solution:

Flexshield designed, manufactured and installed Sonic Curtain acoustic screens between each generator. The Noise Control Screens were manufactured in a concertina curtain style allowing full access.

When the maintenance crew start work on one generator, the noise control curtains are drawn between them and the operating gen-sets provide complete acoustic isolation.

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