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Silences and attenuators for RAN

Designing a noise control solution in limited space

How Flexshield created a safer working environment for the ADF...

How Flexshield created a safer working environment for the ADF

The Flexshield Group is a conglomeration of industrial and commercial noise control solution providers working together to give our customers the very best industrial and commercial soundproofing results.

Calling upon this diverse range of assets, the Flexshield Group team have worked successfully on a wide range of projects with input from many different sections of a business.

Some Flexshield Group businesses you may work with include:

In some instances, our customers reach out to AcousTech first for a technical assessment of their project; after which the chosen products are supplied and installed by Flexshield or Avenue Interior Systems.

Designing noise control for the Royal Australian Navy

A recent government project the Flexshield team worked on for the RAN originated from an enquiry received via our engineering division, AcousTech. Thanks to the comprehensive capabilities of the wider Flexshield group, our team were able to provide a complete solution including engineering, design, manufacture and delivery.

Flexshield’s Sales Team Leader Nathan Archer said, “This was a large government project with many Australian and international stakeholders involved. The project had tight lead times and involved two Flexshield Group departments, together with numerous government departments and contractors working together to deliver the ideal result.”

A compact soundproofing solution

Our client had a noise concern in a confined area on board a vessel. Clearly, this meant there were limited options for relocation or the application of bulky noise control solutions!

Two vehicle space exhaust fans were running above acceptable government noise emission standards of 85dB/8-hour shift. Improvements were needed to create a safer working environment for employees.

Flexshield’s engineering team worked with the mechanical contractors to design a suitable noise control solution that would suit the corrosive environment onboard, and be compact and take up minimal space.

Flexshield designed a solution consisting of two 1600 mm flanged silencers with 85Pa pressure drop and an expected noise reduction of 45-50dB, and two 6300mm diameter and 1200mm long non-podded circular silencers.



Noise reduction without sacrificing ventilation

The supplied soundproofing solution achieved significant noise reduction while maintaining airflow through the ducting so that the two-vehicle space exhaust fans didn’t overheat. Staff on-board the vessel could work, rest and sleep without danger of hearing damage and communication and comfort levels were greatly improved.

Flexshield’s range of louvres, attenuators and silencers were ideal solutions for this government project. As well as silencing equipment and creating a safer work environment, they also allow airflow, stopping the machine from overheating and allowing toxic fumes to move away.

Sonic Series acoustic louvres and attenuators are ideal for:

  • Industrial centrifugal and axial fans.
  • Plant room air inlets and outlets.
  • Dust extraction systems.
  • Air compressors.
  • Exhaust plenum chambers.
  • Air conditioning plant rooms.
  • Cooling towers.
  • Generators and other machinery.

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