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Kanga Welding Screen Certification

What is Kanga Certification? It’s proof that the screens in...

What is Kanga Certification?

It’s proof that the screens in question have passed the ultimate test in terms of safety, performance and dependability.

Kanga Certification even goes beyond Australian Standards.

When you download our Get Your Free Welding Screen Product Safety Advice, you will discover that even though a welding screen might be fully compliant with AS/NZS 3957:2014, it may not follow that a full Ten Year Replacement Guarantee will cover it.

Every Kanga Certified welding screen is indeed covered by this extraordinary guarantee – to Flexshield’s knowledge; the best warranty offered on any welding screen anywhere.

That’s how confident Flexshield is.

Before any welding screen can be Kanga Certified, it must be independently tested by a third party who will supply a detailed written test report on request.

7 Great Reasons to buy Australian-Made Welding Screens.

As well as being Kanga Certified, and coming complete with a 10-Year Warranty, all welding screens sold and installed by Flexshield offer unmatched quality. There are no less than seven great reasons to purchase them.

  1. They are made from extruded material and not laminated.
  2. 3957:2014 trained and qualified technicians manufacture them
  3. The sheet curtain type is a generous 1mm thick
  4. The strip curtain style is an industry-leading 2mm thick
  5. They are available with an anti-corrosive tracking system (optional)
  6. They can be tailor-made to suit your application perfectly
  7. They are the welding screens of choice of Australia’s leading manufacturers and mining companies, such as Rio Tinto, ARB, DIGGA and more.

Little wonder then that we say that Kanga-Approved welding screens offer absolute peace of mind.

It’s your guarantee of quality.

Yes, they may cost more initially. Still, when you amortise that cost over the ten years during which an unconditional guarantee covers them, you’ll realise that they offer incomparable value.

Then there’s the safety aspect. As we say in our popular Get Your Free Welding Screen Product Safety Advice:

“If you are concerned about short and long-term safety and ongoing productivity, then it makes sound business sense to choose quality welding screens, preferably purpose-built for your factory, workshop or training centre.”

For more information about Kanga Certification – or advice about quality welding screens and welding strip curtains speak to the team at Flexshield today on 1300 799 969.