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Sonic Quilt

The Sonic Quilt is an excellent option for all contractors and construction companies looking to provide a great level of construction site soundproofing, but who don’t require the high performance of the Sonic Curtain. These lighter weight barriers combine sound blocking and absorbing technology to create a versatile barrier suited to the general demands of site noise mitigation.

Recommended ties & fixings
The Sonic Quilt uses the same physical fixing capabilities as the Sonic Curtains and can be hung from virtually any structure such as temporary fence, scaffolding, hoarding or other frame work. Strategically placed eyelets and hook and loop joiners allow for multiple configurations and cover areas.

Fixings you can use:
• Hooks
• Cable ties
• Lacing
• Hook and Loop
• Mechanical fixings

By double stacking or overlapping, almost any m2 covering can be achieved.

Localised Noise Control designed to:

* Block sound
* Absorb sound

Sonic Quilts are ideal for:

• Night Works
• Public Works
• Generators and Plant
• Works in Occupied Facilities
• Noise Reflection Control
• EPA Noise Restrictive Areas

Sonic Quilt Features:

* Great alternative to Sonic Curtain
* Lightweight
* Sound absorption + Sound blocking
* Ideal for occupied areas
* Quick and easy cover off and on

Sonic Curtain Customisation

Available in a range of options to suit your needs
• Dimensions
• Branding
• No MOQ for colour choice on purchases
• Choice of Eyelet and/or Hook and Loop placement

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