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Flexible Noise Barriers

Flexible noise barrier in a factory

Flexible PVC noise barriers Enclose or isolate noisy machines and equipment Flexshield PVC noise barriers suit almost every noise control requirement by stopping transmission and absorbing some of the vibration energy. Flexible noise barriers can combine a variety of Flexshield PVC products, such as SonicClear and loaded vinyl products. The products can include penetrations for […]

Acoustic Attenuators and Silencers

Flexshield Custom Fabricated Attenuator

Flexshield Sonic Acoustic Attenuators for Superior Noise Control Solution A Sonic Acoustic Attenuator is used to reduce noise in various industrial environments. A Sonic Acoustic Attenuator may be used in the following scenarios: Reduce noise from machinery and equipment Comply with OHS regulations Mitigate noise from cooling systems and services in data centres Control sound […]

Acoustic Louvres

Sonic Series acoustic louvre enclosure

Flexshield Sonic Series Acoustic Louvres: Noise Control Solutions for Industrial Applications Flexshield Sonic Series Acoustic Louvres are specifically designed to minimise the impact of environmental noise in industrial and mixed commercial-use settings. As a well-known manufacturer of high-performance acoustic louvres, we have completed thousands of installations across Australia. Our Sonic Series Acoustic Louvres offer a […]

SonicSorber Acoustic Soundproof Foam Panels

Acoustic Foam (soundproof foam) in an Engine Testing Room

Exceptional sound absorption with outstanding fireproofing SonicSorber is a sound-absorbing acoustic soundproofing foam panel, consisting of a unique acoustically tuned fireproof sound-absorbing facing over an environmentally friendly acoustic foam sheet. The facing is neither ignitable nor flammable, and has high-temperature resistance of up to 550ºC. Traditional fireproof facing materials have few acoustic properties in comparison […]

Acoustic Enclosures

Flexshield Sonic acoustic curtain enclosure

Acoustic Enclosure Performance At Flexshield, we understand the importance of maintaining a quiet and productive environment in your industrial space. That’s why we offer custom-made enclosures designed to prevent noise leakage and ensure optimal operation efficiency. Flexshield specialises in manufacturing, supplying, and installing a complete range of acoustic enclosures. Focusing on meeting individual requirements for […]

Sonic Access Acoustic Soundproof Doors

Flexshield Sonic Access Doors installed at a South Australian winery to control noise from machinery pumping water.

Maximum noise control for industrial settings Flexshield’s Australian-made NATA accredited Sonic Access soundproof doors are high spec acoustic doors. They are ideal for use in industrial settings such as: Machine room and acoustic enclosures. Plant and equipment storage facilities. Audiometric rooms and acoustic laboratories. Control rooms. Personnel access doors. Manufacturing facilities. Pump stations. What are […]

Sonic Acoustic Curtains

Flexshield acoustic curtains with penetrations for pump noise control.

Sonic Acoustic Curtains – The Ultimate Solution for Industrial and Construction Noise Reduction Welcome to the ultimate industrial and construction noise reduction solution: Sonic Acoustic Curtains. Designed to combat noise pollution effectively, these innovative curtains and screens merge sound barrier and noise absorption technologies into adaptable panels, providing unparalleled noise reduction capabilities. In industrial settings, […]

Fume Control Curtains

SonicClear Dust Control Curtain

Tailored Fume Control Solutions by Flexshield Are you seeking reliable and efficient solutions to manage fumes and airborne pollutants in your workplace? Flexshield’s premium PVC fume control products. These products are meticulously designed to prioritise the safety and well-being of your employees. They offer exceptional performance, robust construction, and straightforward installation. Whether you require fume […]

Contamination Control

SonicClear Screens and barriers for contamination control.

Revolutionise Your Industrial Environment with Flexshield Contamination Control Screens Are you looking to maintain clean zones and prevent cross-contamination in your industrial environment? Flexshield SonicClear PVC curtains and barriers are engineered for exceptional performance; these innovative solutions offer durability, flexibility, and ease of access. Flexshield SonicClear PVC curtains and barriers are engineered to deliver exceptional […]

SonicClear PVC Screens and Barriers

SonicClear for mezzanine.

Improve Workplace Safety with Flexshield SonicClear Screens and Barriers Flexshield SonicClear Screens and Barriers – the ultimate solution for reducing noise and enhancing workplace comfort and safety. Engineered to meet AS/NZS standards for airborne sound insulation, these clear PVC screens and barriers offer noise control without compromising visibility. SonicClear Screens and Barriers Performance Flexshield SonicClear […]

Dust Control

SonicClear Sheet Curtains for dust contol

Maintaining Clean and Safe Work Environments through Flexshield’s Dust Control Solutions Our advanced PVC strip doors, swing doors, and sheet curtains are meticulously crafted to combat airborne dust effectively. By strategically reducing air velocity, these barriers create an environment where dust particles settle, ensuring cleaner and safer workplaces. Designed from durable, UV-resistant materials and tailored […]

Swarf Screens

Flexshield SonicClear for swarf and grinding sparks.

Optimise productivity and safety with Flexshield’s PVC Swarf Screens. In search of a versatile and resilient method to manage airborne swarf and metal fragments within the industrial setting? Flexshield’s PVC swarf screens present an adaptable and trouble-free barricade, ensuring a hygienic and secure work environment. Prioritising excellence, enduring materials, and adherence to industry benchmarks, Flexshield’s […]

WeldflexTM Welding Screens

Flexshield Weldflex welding screens

Discover the Importance of Welding Screens in Creating a Safe and Productive Learning Environment At Flexshield, we understand the importance of providing a safe and conducive space for students and instructors alike. That’s why we prioritise the implementation of welding screens in our workshops and classrooms. These screens serve as more than just barriers; they’re […]

WeldflexTM Strip Curtains

Flexshield Weldflex Strip Curtains and SonicClear Curtains

Robust welding screens that resist tears and burns Traditional welding screens are a common workplace item, but are often a cause of frustration. The thin PVC sheet is fragile and tears or burns easily, which means keeping screens up to Australian safety standards can be an endless and expensive project. Flexshield welding screens and curtains […]

Flexible PVC Strip Curtains

Flexible PVC Strip Curtains

Improve Workplace Efficiency and Safety with Our Custom PVC Strip Curtains Welcome to Flexshield, where workplace efficiency and safety meet innovative PVC solutions. Our custom PVC strip curtains are designed to enhance industrial environments across a range of sectors, including manufacturing, warehousing, food processing, and more. These curtains provide tailored barriers for noise reduction, dust […]

Flexible PVC Swing Doors

Flexshield Flexible PVC swing door

Robust, flexible, and lightweight Flexshield PVC swing doors are manufactured using the highest-grade materials available and provide and effective environmental barrier. Their full aluminium construction results in a lightweight, flexible door that will survive even the harshest conditions. Flexshield PVC swing doors: Provide noise reduction. Control the spread of dust and fumes. Provide safe working […]

Wash Bay Screens

Wash Bay Screens

A simple solution to control overspray, dirt and dust Flexshield offers a complete system of heavy-duty sliding or fixed sheet wash bay screens. Available as clear or coloured screens, these curtains are ideal for preventing car washing overspray from entering clean workspaces. Made entirely from anti-corrosive components, wash bay curtains are maintenance-free. Wash bay screens […]

Bird and Insect Screens

Flexshield SonicClear Strip Curtain

Transform your industrial facility with Flexshield’s PVC screens for bird and insect control. Are you seeking an effective solution for managing bird and pest intrusions in your industrial facility? Flexshield presents a cutting-edge answer, featuring advanced bird and insect control PVC screens. These custom strip or sheet curtains are meticulously engineered to deliver superior performance, […]

Grinding Bays

grinding bays

Experience the Ultimate Learning Environment with Flexshield’s Acoustic Grinding Bay Solution Welcome to Flexshield’s Acoustic Grinding Bay solution, where we prioritise creating an optimal learning environment for vocational and technical education. Our meticulously designed acoustic grinding bay provides a dedicated space for woodworking, metalworking, and industrial processes, ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding school areas. […]

WeldflexTM Mobile Screens

Flexshield Weldflex Mobile Strip-and-Sheet

Revolutionise Welding Education with Weldflex™ Mobile Screens Welcome to the Weldflex™ Mobile Screens page, where safety, versatility, and efficiency converge to enhance welding education across Australia. Designed with the specific needs of educators in mind, our mobile welding screens offer a comprehensive solution for creating safe and compliant learning environments in vocational education settings. With […]

Quench Tanks

quench tank

Revolutionise Hands-On Learning with Flexshield Quench Tanks As pioneers in metalworking and heat treatment solutions, we bring you a comprehensive range of quench tanks meticulously crafted to elevate hands-on learning experiences to new heights. At Flexshield, we’re not just providing equipment; we’re revolutionising how education embraces industrial practices, preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow’s […]

Welding Bays

Flexshield acoustic welding bays

Creating a state-of-the-art acoustic welding bay with Flexshield products. Welcome to our page on creating a state-of-the-art educational facility where innovation meets hands-on learning in the captivating realm of manufacturing processes. Flexshield acoustic welding bays safety reigns supreme as learners delve into the dynamic world of ultrasonic welding, free from traditional hazards. We will help […]

Welding Floor Mats

Flexshield welding mat.

Revolutionise Your Welding Environment with FlexWeld Welding Mats Welding operations have inherent risks, from electric shock to burns and exposure to toxic fumes. At Flexshield, we tackle these hazards head-on with our innovative welding floor mats. Crafted specifically for metal trade training applications, our mats offer a dependable solution to mitigate the dangers of electric […]

Safe Welding Fume Extraction Solutions

welding fume extractors

Protecting Students and Educators from Welding Fumes Welding activities, integral to technical and vocational education, present a dual challenge: imparting essential skills while safeguarding against the health hazards of welding fumes. In Australian TAFEs, colleges, schools, and training centres, prioritising safety is paramount. Welding fumes, composed of a hazardous amalgam including metallic oxides, silicates, and […]

Welding Tables

Flexshield welding table

Empower Your Students with the Best Welding Tables Welcome to our world of welding excellence, where every spark ignites a passion for craftsmanship and innovation. At Flexshield, welding tables are more than just sturdy surfaces—they’re the foundation of skill development, safety, and industry readiness. As Australia’s leading provider of welding education, we understand the pivotal […]

Acoustic Baffles

soundproof baffles, acoustic baffles

Custom made, durable and easy to install Acoustic Baffles Soundproof baffles control the reverberation of noise within a building. Acoustic baffles use various acoustic absorptive materials, and are suspended from the roof via an aluminium capping system or simple hooks and wire. Soundproof acoustic baffles are often the only available method for controlling noise, and […]

Mobile Soundproof Panels

Flexshield Sonic Mobiles in use at an Australian minesite

Sonic System acoustic mobile soundproofing panels, powered by Flexshield, are designed to take your facility’s noise management strategy to the next level with unmatched convenience and effectiveness. Our Sonic System acoustic mobile soundproofing panels are designed to offer ultimate flexibility for your facility. Available in various heights and widths and with different materials and wheel […]

Sonic System Acoustic Modular Soundproofing Panels

Soundproof acoustic Panel

Unleash Unrivalled Performance with Sonic System Acoustic Modular Panels Welcome to our Sonic System Acoustic Modular Soundproofing Panels, the ultimate solution for versatile and easy-to-install soundproofing needs. Our acoustic panels are designed to offer exceptional performance and are highly adaptable to various project requirements. This versatility ensures you can confidently use our panels for various […]

Sonic Acoustic Walls

Sonic Acoustic Walls – Innovative Solutions for Noise Reduction Sonic Acoustic Walls offer a flexible solution to absorb and attenuate noise, providing practical noise reduction for noisy pumps, tunnel constructions, and industrial environments without altering the noise source. With a long history of manufacturing Sonic Acoustic Walls for some of Australia’s largest infrastructure, resources, and […]

Sonic Quilts

Flexshield Sonic Quilt for Construction Noise

Block Out Noise Pollution with Sonic Acoustic Quilts – The Ultimate Soundproofing Solution for Construction Site Are you tired of the constant noise pollution at your construction site? Do you want to ensure a peaceful and productive work environment for your team and nearby residents? Look no further than Sonic Acoustic Quilts! These innovative soundproofing […]

Sonic Acoustic Mobile Tent (Sonic Tent)

Revolutionise Site with the Flexshield Sonic Acoustic Mobile Tent In the construction industry, noise control is an important aspect that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The high noise levels generated by heavy machinery and equipment can disrupt the workflow and pose a risk to the hearing health of workers and nearby residents. The Flexshield Sonic Acoustic […]