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Completed Acoustic Louvres

Custom Acoustic Louvres for Controlling Equipment Noise

A solution combining noise control with ventilation and aesthetics Not...

A solution combining noise control with ventilation and aesthetics

Not all louvres are created equal – in fact, only some louvres have acoustic properties. This means that while some louvres will allow for ventilation, they will not reduce noise. In fact, many louvres can actually enhance the sound they are meant to be dimming!

This potential increase in noise is caused by the louvres’ hard-reflective surface, that features no absorptive properties when installed around noisy equipment. This type of louvre will achieve just one goal: protecting equipment by allowing for airflow.

By contrast, an acoustic louvre will allow for airflow around equipment while also reducing the noise impact of the machinery – and looking good too!

How acoustic louvres control noise

Properly designed acoustic louvres have absorptive properties that stem from the small holes on the louvres’  inside surface that “catch” the noise. The inside of the louvre is filled with Rockwool, a non-combustible acoustic component that’s ideal for use in noise control.

Flexshield’s acoustic louvres (also called sonic louvres) are the ideal solution when aesthetics are as important as noise reduction and ventilation.

Available in a wide range of materials and finishes, our sonic louvres are tailor-made to suit all size, acoustic and airflow requirements. Flexshield’s acoustic louvres can be installed as modular acoustic walls or acoustic louvre gates or doors.

Acoustic louvres can be used for:

  • Acoustic enclosures for air-con intakes
  • Acoustic enclosures for generators
  • Complete stand-alone acoustic plant rooms
  • Central ventilation systems
  • Workshop ventilation
  • Cooling towers
  • Wall grilles
  • Acoustic ventilation screens


Acoustic louvres provide noise control for Devondale

Flexshield acoustic louvres can be found in many plant rooms and manufacturing facilities, surrounding air conditioning units, and on defence force bases across Australia. One well-known worksite featuring Flexshield acoustic louvres is Devondale Murray Goulburn.

Devondale Murray Goulburn required noise control in their processing plant but found that many acoustic screening solutions restricted airflow and ventilation. The agricultural co-operative needed a solution that suited their ventilation and noise needs and yet was aesthetically attractive too.

A custom acoustic louvre solution from Flexshield met all Devondale’s requirements. And while the install location did prove a challenge, it was nothing that Flexshield couldn’t solve.

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