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Safeguarding industrial employees by prioritising hearing health

Steps to take this World Hearing Day Every year on...

Steps to take this World Hearing Day

Every year on the 3rd of March, the World Health Organisation (WHO) runs an awareness campaign called World Hearing Day. It aims to promote hearing health, raise awareness about hearing loss and related issues, and highlight the importance of hearing care, prevention of hearing loss, and early intervention for those affected by hearing difficulties. The WHO also selects a theme to address a key aspect of hearing health each year.

World Hearing Day encourages governments, healthcare professionals, advocacy groups and individuals to take action. It promotes initiatives that improve access to hearing care services, increase awareness about hearing loss, and reduce the prevalence of hearing-related problems. It is an important event in advocating for the inclusion of hearing health in global health agendas and policies.


Protecting the hearing health of industrial workers

As we mark World Hearing Day, it’s the perfect time to prioritise the hearing health of employees on industrial job sites. Steps you can take include:

  • Organising educational sessions or workshops
  • Establishing comprehensive hearing conservation programs
  • Providing appropriate hearing protection devices
  • Arranging regular hearing screenings and monitoring, implementing engineering measures to control noise levels
  • Fostering a culture of hearing health
  • Conducting regular training sessions, and
  • Regularly reviewing and updating policies.


Get expert advice on the right noise control for your business

Protecting employees’ hearing health requires an ongoing commitment to education, monitoring, and preventive measures. So mark your calendars for March 3rd every year, and use Hearing Awareness Week as motivation to assess workspaces for noise-related concerns.

Flexshield has a range of resources to help you understand noise and how to prevent it.

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