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Air Compressor Noise Reduction

Overcoming different sound frequencies As you may have read in...

Overcoming different sound frequencies

As you may have read in our many educational noise articles, ‘noise’ is defined as any unwanted sound – and it’s all around us, from traffic noise to machinery noise.

Why do we struggle with some sounds more than others? It’s all thanks to the frequency of the sound.

Low range sound

This is between 10Hz to 200Hz and is a special environmental noise problem. Low-range noise can travel up to 1km and cause discomfort, irritability and sensitivity to noise.

Medium frequency sound

This is between 500-2,000Hz – for example, where we can hear and understand speech. Sound at the higher end of this frequency can appear tinny or horn-like.

High-frequency sound

High frequency is barely audible at its highest ranges, up to 10,000Hz. Even in the lower ranges of 2,000Hz, high-frequency sound can cause hearing damage.

The noise emitted from an air compressor tends not to vary in pitch; the sound is even and continuous while the compressor is running and covers a wide section of the frequency spectrum.

The challenge of controlling air compressor noise

Air compressors are a familiar piece of equipment in many Australian industries. You’ll notice or hear air compressors hard at work in factories, in commercial premises, around pubs, clubs, and shopping centres. They are often found in HVAC systems along with:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers and
  • Air conditioners.

Your business may use air compressors on construction sites to supply air power to drills, hammers and compactors.

As mentioned above, low-frequency sound can travel up to 1km, and mid to high-frequency sound can cause permanent hearing loss. Whichever frequency your air compressor emits, without the correct noise abatement, you will either annoy surrounding residences or businesses or cause permanent damage to your employees’ hearing.

How to control noise from industrial air compressors

Flexshield has extensive experience designing and manufacturing noise abatement for air compressors. We offer various solutions which may combine Sonic System acoustic modular panel and SonicClear PVC to create large enclosures that may also include:

Before recommending specific products for your air compressor enclosure, we will discuss how you use the air compressor and the required access. From this information, we will design the perfect solution for your application.

Static compressor noise control solutions

For fixed solutions, our team may recommend an acoustic louvre enclosure that allows for both noise control and airflow. We can install an acoustic louvre door or a Sonic Access acoustic door to provide access to the compressor.

Mobile enclosures for air compressors

Noise control solutions do not need to be immovable. Flexshield can also design mobile solutions for your workshop or construction site.

A mobile option allows the acoustic compressor solution to move around the site wherever the enclosure or compressor is needed.

Contact us for more information about noise control for air compressors

If you have an industrial-sized air compressor that is annoying your neighbours or damaging your staff’s hearing, don’t hesitate. Contact the Flexshield team for a custom solution. Call us today on 1300 799 969 or contact us online.