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A Cost-Effective Solution Providing Noise Control with Ventilation


Ventilated acoustic control for rooftop plant




Sandringham Primary School


Melbourne, VIC

Flexshield acoustic solution for rooftop chiller units.

Initial project requirements:

Established in 1855, Sandringham Primary School in Melbourne’s southeast has an extensive history. The school featured many historical buildings, until a 2020 fire destroyed the library and teachers’ area and impacted up to 50% of the school.

The school rallied, and a rebuild began. The new buildings featured rooftop chiller units which would require noise control to avoid disruptions to learning and complaints from neighbours.

To prevent the chillers overheating, any rooftop acoustic solution would need to allow for sufficient airflow. Yet the budget allocated for the project was limited, and the original design – which featured acoustic louvres to all 4 sides of the elevated plant platform – was cost prohibitive.

To meet the school’s budget while still allowing for airflow, the Flexshield design team worked with the builder to create a cost-saving alternative to the original design.

Project challenges:

The two long sides of the plant platform were screened using Flexshield’s Sonic System V50 acoustic modular panels, and the shorter ends with our Sonic Series acoustic louvres. In one long side, Flexshield manufactured an acoustic access door for access into the plant enclosure, complete with an emergency escape mortice lock.

Being lightweight, weather resistant, fire rated, and wind rated, the Sonic System is an ideal solution for rooftop plant platforms.

Flexshield’s Sonic System acoustic panels have NATA accredited test results for Noise Transmission Loss and Noise Absorption. They are available in several different designs, thicknesses, and acoustic performances.

Sonic Series acoustic louvres allow for ventilation and all-weather protection while reducing noise levels. Our acoustic louvres are insulated with rock wool to reduce noise transmission

Flexshield solution:

Flexshield’s soundproofing products are helping to keep Sandringham Primary School students distraction-free and productive at school.

For more information about noise control solutions for education, contact Flexshield on 1300 799 969.

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