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Flexshield acoustic welding bays

Effortless Excellence: A Seamless Experience with Flexshield

Flexshield were very quick and easy to work with. They were organised with shop drawings and keeping up to date with the project. Flexshields installation process was quick and seamless without creating any hassle. We look forward to working with Flexshield again. Zac Borzillo | Moretto Building Pty Ltd
Flexhsield Acoustic Louvres

Game-Changing Noise Reduction on Rig Site with Flexshield Units

These units fitted like a glove which was great, as far as their noise reduction they were an absolute game changer on the Rig site, we now hardly know the brake resisters are running, the generators are much louder that the brake resisters now. Thanks for assisting with this and...

Flexshield Sonic Curtain Solves Longstanding Noise Issue on Offshore Platform

We had a noise issue for years on our offshore platform and no one ever thought about Flexshield’s Sonic Curtain solution. With one simple phone call I knew I was on the right track – they were extremely helpful. Flexshield provided me with a permanent yet flexible solution to our...
Flexshield Sonic 100 Series Acoustic Louvres and Dummy Louvres

High-Quality Flexshield Sonic Acoustic Louvres Enhance GVH Shepparton Project

The Flexshield Sonic Acoustic louvres are an excellent high-quality product, and very easy to install. Has been great working with you on the GVH Shepparton project
Flexshield Sonic skirts on a gas compressor shed

Seamless Installation by Trained Flexshield Team Ensures Success

The installers were fantastic and were easy to work with. The fact they were inducted and trained for working at mines made the induction process easy, and they worked well, did a great job
Sonic Curtain and Sonic Systems for a pump station

Flexshield Delivers Outstanding 10dB Noise Reduction in Successful Installation

The installation went well, and the initial testing has shown a 10dB reduction which is excellent, beating the target by 5dB, so a very good outcome for us. The project team was good to work with too. We will be using Flexshield again on another project at Cambooya very soon...
Mobile Noise Control Panels

No more noise complaints

The sound panels have been a great addition to our safety equipment used at Hunter Valley Operations. Using them predominantly for air arc gouging sound suppression, they have been fantastic in reducing the noise exposure to those working in the immediate area. We have also been making use of them for welding...
Sonic Acoustic Curtains

Worked very well

The sound barriers were really good, they helped in reducing majority of the noise, especially when working at night around houses. Other field engineers made mention that they worked very well, making it bearable while drilling around pedestrians. They were very easy to put up on the temporary fences and...
Flexshield Sonic Quilt

Excellent service and products

Excellent service and quality of products are great. Sezgin Yaman | Barriers Plus
Flexshield Truck Enclosure

The enclosure went together well

The enclosure went together well and cuts a significant amount of noise out of the engine-pump assembly. The SPL at the operator’s console hovers around 6OdBA. Brett Kington | Mechanical Engineer Kleint Industries Pty Ltd

Flexshield Australia's Vital Role in the Coffs Harbour Bypass Project

Flexshield Australia have been a good partner to the Coffs Harbour Bypass Project providing sound solutions in terms of Acoustic matters for the project. Staff are proactive and professional. KUDOS!   Melvin Ho Jqin | Ferrovial Gamuda JV
Sonic Curtains for industrial noise control

Outstanding Noise Attenuation Services by Flexshield in Townsville

Flexshield was highly professional and delivered all their promises of noise attenuation at the temporary pump station site in Townsville. Work was delivered on time, on budget and as promised, including assistance with post-install noise assessment. Active communication and follow-up from the Flexshield team meant we were constantly aware of...
Acoustic enclosure on rooftop plant equipment

The installers were excellent to work with

We are very happy with the job, the installers were excellent to work with, nothing was a problem for them. The neighbours are happy, the council is happy, it’s been an excellent experience. Regards David Pryor | Tru Blu
Flexshield Sonic Mobile surround a large piece of mining equipment undergoing maintenance.

Impressive Effectiveness and Steadfast Stability in Action

They have arrived and are finally in use. Everyone has been very surprised on their effectiveness and stability so far. Leigh Seager | HME Fabrication Supervisor CITIC Pacific Mining | Cape Preston
Sonic System Acoustic Modular Panel

V50 panel went in like a breeze

Yes it was excellent, the V50 panels went in like a breeze. Really good to work with and super easy to install. Great product, will definitely use Flexshield again. Josh Kettle | Manteena Commercial
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