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Acoustic doors alleviate noise concerns at Callistemon Court pump station


Acoustic control for pump station




Dormway Pty Ltd


Rothwell, QLD

Initial project requirements:

Dormway, a reputable infrastructure and pipeline construction specialist, was entrusted with upgrading the Callistemon Court pump station at Rothwell in Queensland. As part of their commitment to delivering high-quality infrastructure solutions, they identified the need to address noise concerns associated with the pump station.

The key requirements for this project included:

  • Mitigating noise pollution generated by the pump station for EPA compliance.
  • Acoustic doors that were pre-installed with all the specified hardware and ready to push fit on site.
  • Doors that were backed up with 3rd party acoustic testing.

Flexshield solution:

Discovering Flexshield’s reputation as a renowned noise control and acoustic solutions provider, Dormway asked the team to address the acoustic challenges they faced at the Callistemon Court pump station.

The Flexshield team proposed the installation of two distinct solutions to cater to different needs:

1) Flexshield single Sonic Access door standard Rw46.

2) Flexshield double Sonic Access door pair standard Rw45.

The acoustic doors were supplied pre-hung in portal frames, saving valuable time and resources during installation – a crucial factor in the project’s success. The doors were provided with locks, panic bars, and emergency escape configurations, all of which enhanced security and safety at the pump station. The unique double seal system and the 12mm high threshold plate ensured complete perimeter sealing, preventing noise leakage.

Results achieved by Flexshield

Dormway’s collaboration with Flexshield successfully implemented acoustic door solutions at the Callistemon Court pump station. The partnership met the project’s initial requirements and exceeded expectations by delivering superior noise reduction, acoustic performance, and installation efficiency.

Several significant results were achieved:

  • The acoustic doors effectively reduced noise emissions from the pump station, ensuring compliance with local noise regulations and minimising disturbances to nearby residents.
  • The NATA tested the acoustic performance of Rw46 and Rw45 doors, providing Dormway with the confidence that the doors met stringent acoustic standards, and ensuring a quieter operational environment.
  • The secure packaging of the doors ensured they arrived at the site in pristine condition and ready for installation.

The partnership between Dormway and Flexshield resulted in infrastructure improvement, creating a quieter and more compliant pump station environment.

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