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Acoustic louvre enclosure helps preserve neighbourhood peace


Acoustic louvre enclosure




Perkins Builders


Southern River

Acoustic louvre enclosures ensure acceptable noise levels and adequate ventilation.

Initial project requirements:

Perkins Builders approached Flexshield to design and construct an acoustic louvre enclosure for the Aldi supermarket at Southern River.

The plant deck was home to generators and air con units which were required to operate 24hrs per day, 7 days per week. This meant that on quiet nights the noise would easily travel to the supermarket’s surrounding neighbours, disturbing their sleep.

The acoustic louvres would need to be designed to help reduce the noise emitted from the rooftop plant situated in direct view of the neighbouring properties.

Flexshield solution:

To meet the challenge, Flexshield designed, built and installed an acoustic louvre enclosure, lining the concrete bay walls with V50 Sonic System panel.

Placing an acoustic enclosure around noisy machinery such as air conditioners often restricts ventilation. When both ventilation and noise control are required, Flexshield’s acoustic louvre enclosures are the answer. Acoustic louvres ensure acceptable noise levels are consistently maintained while providing adequate ventilation for plant and machinery.

Results achieved by Flexshield

Since the install, there have been no noise complaints.

For more information about acoustic louvre enclosures for your facility, contact Flexshield on 1300 799 969.