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Welding bay project gains safety and efficiency with automatic screens


Automatic welding curtains




Marand Precision Engineering



Automated sliding Weldflex welding bay screens
The Weldflex™ Sheet Curtains are push-button automation, for opening and closure.

Initial project requirements:

Marand is a leading global supplier of precision-engineered solutions to the aerospace, defence, rail, mining, and energy industries. Their existing factory required several industrial screening solutions for welding areas for a specific project.

Flexshield solution:

To create Marand’s welding area Flexshield supplied all the steelwork, the WeldflexTM strip and sheet curtains, motors, and track. The only part of the welding bay project not arranged by Flexshield for this project was the electricals, as the client organised this component themselves. When working on larger projects, Flexshield will arrange all trades including electrical.

The Flexshield team determined that the ideal solution for Marand was a combination of our WeldflexTM sheet and strip curtains. The WeldflexTM sheet was used to create automatic welding screens, and the WeldflexTM strip to create personnel access to each area.

The large WeldflexTM sheet curtain component of the welding bay opens automatically and closes with the press of a single button. When the screen is closed, the WeldflexTM strip at the end of each bay allows easy personnel access.

The Flexshield products used: WeldflexTM sheets and WeldflexTM strip curtains

Why did the Flexshield team use both WeldflexTM sheets and strip curtains? WeldflexTM sheet curtains are one piece of 1 mm WeldflexTM, whereas strip curtains are 2 mm thick PVC and cut to your desired width and length. WeldflexTM strip curtains remove the human element of needing to remember to close the door or shut the screen – they fall back into place after personnel move through them.

Both products have a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty, have Kanga certification, and conform to AS/NZ 3957:2014.

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