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A More Productive, Safer Work Environment at La Trobe University


Physical Science 2 LAM hub at La Trobe University




Arete (a subsidiary of Kane Constructions)


Bundoora, Vic

Initial project requirements:

La Trobe University’s flagship Bundoora campus opened in 1964, and today the public research university is inside the top 400 of all three major world university rankings.

Their Physical Science 2 LAM hub (part of the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences) needed refurbishment to improve staff safety and productivity.

The university engaged DS Architecture to create an ultra-modern space.  DS Architecture reached out to Flexshield after discovering our brand online. Flexshield’s products not only met the project’s aesthetic requirements but also provided the added benefits of noise control and protection from dust, sparks, and hot welding splatter.

Flexshield partnered with several contractors on the La Trobe University School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences lab – from the design phase with the architect to the final installation with the builder, gas fitters, and electricians.

Project challenges:

At Flexshield, we firmly believe that a face-to-face meeting – either in person or via video – is an essential part of any project. Gathering the correct information at the beginning of the project will ensure success at the end of it!

Flexshield’s design consultants met with DS Architecture at their Melbourne studio to finalise the specifications before the project went to tender.

The project incorporated:

Weldflex™ strip curtains do not rely on the “human element” to close curtains when welding. The free-hanging welding screen strips will reliably fall back in place regardless of what goes through them. Weldflex™ complies with the Australian Standard (AS/NZS 3957:2014) regarding light-transmitting screens and curtains for all welding operations.

Flexshield’s Sonic System acoustic panels have NATA accredited test results for Noise Transmission Loss and Noise Absorption. There are several different designs, thicknesses, and acoustic performances available.

Sonic System acoustic panels are modular tongue and groove panels that install easily and can cover large areas quickly. The soundproof panels are prefabricated and cut to suit the exact size requirements of each application.

The panels’ flexibility can be advantageous if the enclosure needs to move several millimetres to avoid hitting electrical work. They are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Sonic Access acoustic doors are manufactured to suit the requirements of individual projects and can be built to any specification or design requirement or to suit a specific task.

Our acoustic door sets provide unrivalled strength, insulation qualities and aesthetic appearance.

Sonic Series acoustic louvres allow for ventilation and all-weather protection while reducing noise levels. They are insulated with rock wool to reduce noise transmission.

Flexshield solution:

Arete, a subsidiary of Kane Constructions, was awarded the tender ahead of five other tendering builders.

Flexshield worked closely with Arete, providing shop drawings for approval and fine-tuning the delivery and install dates.

“The enclosure and bays went in without any hassles. It looks like an excellent product, and the installation team were great to work with” – Site Foreman

The welding bay, Sonic System acoustic enclosure, Sonic Access Rw45 double doors and Sonic Series SL4-20 acoustic louvres created the aesthetic appeal the architects were aiming for.

Flexshield’s products will protect La Trobe University’s staff from welding flash, sparks and hot splatter, lower noise levels, and help to improve verbal communication throughout the hub, leading to a more productive and safer work environment.

For more information about noise control solutions for education, contact Flexshield on 1300 799 969.