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Bundaberg TAFE enjoys new acoustic welding bay solution from Flexshield


Custom acoustic welding bay fitout


Tertiary education


Bundaberg TAFE


Bundaberg, Qld

Initial project requirements:

Flexshield has a long history of delivering noise control and screening solutions for TAFEs. All our products meet educational standards – which made us the natural choice to work with Newlands to revamp the Bundaberg TAFE in Queensland.

Flexshield is a one-stop shop when providing acoustic welding bay solutions for Trade Training Centres. Though each Trade Training Centre solution is customised to meet the unique needs of each customer, our full acoustic welding bay solution includes:

  • Sonic System modular walls and partitions
  • WeldlfexTM strip and sheet curtains
  • Workbenches
  • Fume extraction
  • FlexWeld welding mats
  • Gas supply.

Recognising Flexshield as a known provider of complete acoustic welding bay solutions, QBuild contacted the team with plans to establish the best way forward for the Bundaberg TAFE project. The refurbishment then went to tender, with Newlands winning the bid and arranging the works for the project.

Since the project involved refurbishing an existing facility, the requirements were simple: supplying and installing the acoustic welding bays and accessories to suit the area. The refreshed facility’s design would be built off the previous layout of the Trade Training Centre.

Flexshield solution:

The Flexshield team supplied and installed 14 complete acoustic welding bays, one teacher’s bay, and one profile cutting area.

What do we mean by complete acoustic welding bays? Let’s break it down.

Acoustic Welding Bay

Sonic System

The main component of an acoustic welding bay is Sonic System acoustic panels, a non-combustible solution with an acoustic rating to protect students and staff from industrial deafness.

For Bundaberg TAFE Sonic System acoustic modular panels were used as the rear wall and partitions for all 14 welding bays, the teacher’s bay, and the profile cutting area.

The front of the acoustic bays was a combination of WeldflexTM strip curtains and Sonic System. The teacher’s bay had a WeldflexTM strip, and the profile cutting bay had no screening.

WeldflexTM strip curtains

Made from durable 2mm thick material, WeldflexTM strip curtains won’t easily tear or burn. They are compliant with Australian Standards AS/NZS3957:2014.

WeldflexTM mobile sheet curtains

Flexshield supplied three Mobile WeldflexTM sheet curtains to enable the TAFE to create temporary workspaces as needed. Mobile sheet curtains use 1mm thick welding red PVC, with stainless steel eyelets on all edges to secure to the frame . The castors are industrial-strength and lockable.

Three types of tables

Educational standard welding tables

14 educational standard welding tables formed part of the package supplied to Bundaberg TAFE.

Flexshield educational standard welding tables are 1000mm wide x 700mm deep x 900mm high and have a 6mm plate. Each welding table had an earthing tab, intermediate shelf, and 100mm raised sides and back to prevent splatter.

The teacher demo bay welding table had slightly different measurements; 1000mm wide x 1000mm deep x 900mm high, with a 10mm steel plate on top.

Tables to store welders  at the front of the bays

Fifteen galvanised steel tables with intermediate shelves were included for Bundaberg TAFE. The storage tables were 800mm wide x 600mm deep x 1000mm high, with 100mm raised sides and back, and 100mm lockable swivel castors for movability.

Educational standard oxy cutting tables

Oxy cutting tables are used primarily to safely cut metal with a hand-held oxy cutter. The seven tables for Bundaberg TAFE featured removable slats, slag draws, and a 420mm divider in the centre of the 1100mm wide x 550mm deep x 300mm high cutting table.

Educational standard quench tank

Quench tanks are designed to uniformly cool hot steels in water, oil or polymer substances after heat treatment. Flexshield supplied three 660mm long x 600mm wide x 800mm high quench tanks and one 910mm long, 500mm wide x 800mm high – all were 500mm deep with 300mm legs. All Flexshield quench tanks are fabricated from stainless steel and have a drain bung and lift-out grate in the base.

Extraction and Gas reticulation

14 Nederman telescopic articulated fume arms and brackets, including 2 x 3m Nederman original series arms including brackets, were supplied to Bundaberg TAFE.

Telescopic extraction is the preferred solution to control welding fumes because they capture the fumes and gases at the source, moving them away from the operators breathing zone.

Flexshield also organised the supply and installation of the gas reticulation for oxygen and acetylene welding.


The acoustic welding bays and accessories are in place and standing up to the rigours of the welding environment. The solutions supplied by Flexshield are of the highest educational standards.

For more information about custom welding bay fit-outs for education, contact Flexshield on 1300 799 969.