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Creating an Innovative Solution to Address Noise Challenges


L-shaped noise absorbing sound barrier wall




Pensar Water Pty Ltd


Cambooya, Queensland

Initial project requirements:

Pensar Water Pty Ltd design and deliver innovative critical infrastructure solutions across a range of industry segments. Yet they faced a unique challenge while tendering on a project at Cambooya in regional Queensland.

The project involved creating a noise reduction solution for a pump set yet to be implemented! The primary objective was to mitigate this noise and prevent it from disturbing the nearby residences.

Flexshield solution:

The Flexshield team proposed an innovative solution to Pensar Water’s noise challenge: an L-shaped noise absorbing sound barrier wall. Designed using Flexshield’s V50 Sonic System modular acoustic panels, the wall measured 2100mm in height, 9255mm in length, and 7725mm in width. The panels were specifically engineered for external applications, and consisted of a pre-finished steel modular panel with a high-density acoustic core.

To ensure optimal sound absorption, the noise-facing side of the panels was perforated with five different diameter holes. This configuration maximised the sound absorption capabilities of the wall, resulting in a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 1.00.


Flexshield’s L-shaped sound barrier wall yielded exceptional results, both for our client Pensar Water and their neighbouring residents. The primary outcome was a significant reduction in pump noise levels, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed living environment for the nearby community.

Beyond these noise reduction capabilities, the L-shaped enclosure stood out for its aesthetic appeal. The design seamlessly blended with the surrounding environment, enhancing the site’s overall visual appeal. This combination of functionality and aesthetics delivered a comprehensive solution that surpassed the client’s expectations and even prompted positive feedback from residents.

The Flexshield team’s expertise in noise control proved instrumental in mitigating the noise challenges for this pump installation project. By providing an effective and visually appealing solution, Flexshield demonstrated its commitment to delivering outstanding results while prioritising the needs and wellbeing of both our clients and the community.

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