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Flexshield Acoustic Curtains Provide a Solution to Excess Noise


Reducing excessive noise created by a pump







Temporary Acoustic Curtains around a pump
Temporary Hire Curtains for sound control around a pump in Ballin Drive detention basin, Toowoomba

Initial project requirements:

A well-known construction company, Allroads, was recently in need of sound control for a project in Toowoomba.

Neighbours from nearby houses had complained about excessive noise created by a pump at the construction site.

Flexshield solution:

Flexshield provided Acoustic Curtains to surround the pump. These curtains reduced the noise from 65.26dB to 51.06dB, minimising the impact on neighbouring residents.

Flexshield Acoustic Curtains are available for hire as and when needed and provide temporary noise reduction for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Construction / demolition noise
  • Earth and road work noise
  • Compressor/generator noise
  • Refurbishments on occupied buildings
  • Machines noise – saws, drills, pumps etc

Flexshield Temporary Noise Barriers are installed fast and easily and are suitable for either short or long term applications. These curtains can be mounted to temporary site fencing and scaffolding and are also fire and weatherproof.

“We used Flexshield at one of our projects in Toowoomba, at Ballin Drive. We had some noisy pumps. They came and supplied their Sonic Curtains, and the sound was reduced. The neighbours were happy, so it did its job very well. Thanks very much, Flexshield.

Aaron Price, Allroads