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Acoustic Enclosure for a Card Punch Machine


Acoustic Enclosure with Vision Panel




Australian Paper



Drawing of the enclosure with penetrations
A drawing of the high spec Acoustic Enclosure constructed from V50 Sonic System for Australian Paper.

Initial project requirements:

Australian Paper had a fixed budget and the enclosure needed to have multiple access points/doors/conveyer infeed/outfeed openings while containing the noise, making the project complex.

Project challenges:

The noise of the playing card punch machine exceeded 85dB, which is over the allowable limit for workers to be exposed to without PPE. Due to an increase in business volume, more staff were close to the noise source. The high noise emissions from the machine made this unsafe for staff. Management was aware and was wanting to improve the overall company safety standards to adhere to industry standards.

Flexshield solution:

To achieve the result, we went to the site to take sound level readings and to assess the situation. We designed an innovative and tailored acoustic enclosure to drop noise below 85dB and still allow full access.

The result was a high spec acoustic enclosure constructed from V50 Sonic System, with acoustic vision panels and doors, supplied and installed by Flexshield’s professional installation team.

V50 Sonic System

Acoustic Vision panel

Acoustic Doors