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Flexshield Facilitates Production Capacity Boost with Clever Noise Controls


Noise reduction for gas compressor station


Resources - Mining




Arcadia Valley - QLD

Arcadia Valley gas compressor shed with Sonic acoustic skirt
Arcadia Valley gas compressor shed with Sonic acoustic skirt

Initial project requirements:

With a large resource base in Queensland and a growing international demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG), Santos created the GLNG project in 2007. This pioneering project converts natural gas – including coal seam gas from the Bowen and Surat Basins – into LNG for export to Asia.

Santos use gas compressor stations throughout their network, and controlling noise from these stations is a constant challenge.

To prepare for increased demand at their Arcadia Valley facility, Santos built eight new compressor sheds. While initially it wasn’t necessary to run all eight compressors, as productions levels increase, so will the need to run every compressor – which will increase noise emission to above the limits for the site.

Santos identified that future compressor noise escaping from the floor of the compressor sheds would impact neighbouring properties. They took a proactive approach and began implementing the required noise controls in advance to avoid future noise complaints.

They requested an easy-to-install solution that would reduce noise down to the required limit, without creating a confined space, and still allowing easy access under the sheds.

Project challenges:

Working closely with Santos to improve noise emissions, Flexshield began by visiting the Arcadia Valley site to take readings and measurements. Our acoustic engineers selected a Sonic Curtain to achieve the required noise reduction at low frequencies.

Flexshield custom manufactured and installed 4 x acoustic skirts for around the base of the sheds, using our versatile Sonic Curtains to provide both a sound barrier and sound absorption.

Sonic Curtains are:
Rw27 Acoustic rated, NATA tested, and certified for guaranteed results
Weather-resistant and UV stabilised for longevity in external applications
Non-flammable, chemical resistant, and cleanable with high-pressure water

Flexshield solution:

The acoustic skirts successfully achieved the required noise reduction at the gas compressor station. The Arcadia Valley site can now operate at full capacity when required.

“The installers were fantastic and were easy to work with. The fact they were inducted and trained for working at mines made the induction process easy, and they worked well, did a great job.”

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