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Industrial Noise Solution for Central Coast Council


Solve a Noise Concern at an STP




Central Coast Council



Flexshield provide a noise control solution for Central Coast Council
The enclosure achieved an approximate reduction of 12dB, exceeding the 2dB target.

Initial project requirements:

Each year the Council plans capital works for water and sewer infrastructure including:

  1. Replacement of pipelines.
  2. Upgrading sewer pump stations and treatment plants.
  3. Refurbishment of water reservoirs and
  4. Other improvement works.

Flexshield was contacted by Central Coast Council to work with Charmhaven Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) to solve their noise concern.

The Aerators at the Charmhaven STP were emitting noise 2dB above the legal limit for local Environmental Noise levels. This measurement was taken 400m from the noise source, in this case, the aerator, to determine the noise limit.

Project challenges:

The noise had to be reduced to comply with environmental noise limits.

The solution we provided had to allow easy access to the aerators and be corrosive resistant due to its proximity to water and chemicals.

Central Coast came to Flexshield because of our experience working with water/utility industries and our ability to design tailored noise control solutions.

To create the ideal solution for Central Coast, we attended site, completed sound level readings while engaging with the client to meet all their requirements.

Flexshield solution:

The solution provided was a V50 Sonic System Enclosure supplied pre-assembled to be mounted onto the platform above the aerator. A removable roof panel allowed for maintenance access to the aerator and a Sonic Curtain on one side allowed for minor maintenance and general access.

The enclosure achieved an approximate reduction of 12dB, exceeding the 2dB target. The result exceeded expectations resulting in site improvements, happy neighbours and adherence to environmental requirements.

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