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Sonic Series acoustic louvres provide an attractive acoustic solution


Goulbourn Valley Health Shepparton Hospital






Goulbourn Valley

Flexshield Sonic 100 Series Acoustic Louvres and Dummy Louvres
A projec goal was to achieve an uninterrupted architectural finish,.

Initial project requirements:

The Goulbourn Valley Health Shepparton Hospital redevelopment is a significant expansion, with the goal of providing better care and more services to patients in the local Shepparton area. The development includes new buildings for an emergency department, maternity ward, and a separate single-storey dialysis unit.

Project architects Billard Leece Partnership aimed to not only to achieve an acoustic solution for the redevelopment, but also an uninterrupted architectural finish. Thanks to our extensive experience with the Goulbourn Valley Health Shepparton Hospital redevelopment, Flexshield were chosen to supply the acoustic solution.

Flexshield solution:

At the beginning of the project, Flexshield worked directly with Lend Lease. As the project progressed, the Flexshield team built an excellent relationship with the facade sub-contractor Minesco, and then liaised directly with Minesco.

Billard Leece Partnership specified the use of Flexshield Sonic 100 Series acoustic louvres for the plant room. To accomplish this, Flexshield designed and manufactured “dummy” louvres, which maintained the appearance of the acoustic louvres but were blanked off behind and purely installed to achieve the architect’s vision of an uninterrupted finish.

The use of these dummy louvres eliminated the need for any additional visual screens in front of the façade, which is the conventional way of maintaining a smooth exterior. Flexshield supplied eight batches of louvres over the 18 months of the project.

Flexshield louvres were installed on the facade of the following buildings:

  • Administration
  • Dialysis
  • Emergency Department
  • Maternity, and
  • The new four-storey building with 64 inpatient beds, ten intensive care unit beds, seven operating theatres and a new kitchen and morgue.

To cater for limited site interruptions and ensure consistent supply flow, Flexshield’s expert manufacturing team fabricated and supplied the louvres in pre-assembled modules. These pre-assembled components meant the louvres could be installed by facade contractors as required, supporting a smooth install.


Minesco’s Installation Manager commented, “The Flexshield Sonic Acoustic louvres are an excellent high-quality product, and very easy to install. Has been great working with you on the GVH Shepparton project.”

The benefits of Sonic 100 Series Acoustic Louvres include:

  • Reduced maintenance costs as a result of high-quality finishes, and
  • Lower energy consumption thanks to their thermal properties.

The success of this solution ensured that, in March 2020, Minesco again requested Flexshield manufacture another module of both acoustic and dummy louvres for the project.

For more information about acoustic louvres for your facility, contact Flexshield on 1300 799 969.

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