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Strip Curtains Solve Welding Issues for TAFE


Radiation protection for welding bay




Riverina Institute of TAFE



Riverina TAFE Welding Strip Curtains
Riverina TAFE Welding Strip Curtains

Initial project requirements:

Riverina Institute of TAFE recently contacted Flexshield for advice on making their welding bay safer and more efficient.

The TAFE’s Young Campus had had Flexshield strip curtains installed for six years. Their staff knew that, even with over sixty hours a week of welding classes, the curtains on the twelve welding bays in the practical workshop required no physical maintenance whatsoever – just a wipe down at the end of each month. Riverina Institute of TAFE wanted the same level of efficiency and practicality for their Cootamundra Campus.

Flexshield responded promptly and provided Weldflex™ strip curtains for twelve welding bays at the campus.

Flexshield solution:

Weldflex™ strip curtains from Flexshield are durable and sturdy, and protect both bystanders and the welder against harmful radiation during welding work.

They are ideal for many applications, including:

  • High schools and TAFEs
  • Trade Training Centres
  • Workshops
  • Engineering
  • Welding bays
  • Mines
  • Oil and gas
  • Manufacturing, and
  • Manual arts facilities.


Darryl Chandler, Technical Assistant at Riverina Institute of TAFE said, “Thank you for supplying a set of your Flexshield welding bay curtains for our Cootamundra Campus.”

“They’re a real time-saver over the old canvas curtains they replaced, which were forever coming off their tracks or students fighting their way through them with hot metal welding projects. The semitransparent red plastic barrier allows staff to see a student in the bay whether they’re welding or not, no longer running the risk of accidental flash when drawing back the old curtain,” Mr Chandler said.

“At our Cootamundra Campus, your curtains will replace one-piece plastic curtains which have become stiff and hard, with many melt holes where students’ projects have come in contact with them. I know from experience this does not occur with the strip curtain as they easily part, allowing the student through,” he said.

“Thanks to the success of your strip curtains at Young Campus, several other campuses in our institute will be replacing their old curtains for your flexible strip curtains. Thank you once again.”

For more information about Flexshield’s Weldflex™ strip curtains, contact Flexshield on 1300 799 969.

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