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Flexshield Supplies RAAF Williamtown with 70 Acoustic Doors


Acoustic Doors for RAAF Base Williamtown




Australian Defence Force


Williamtown NSW

Flexshield Acoustic Door
Flexshield Acoustic Door being put in place at RAAF Williamtown.

Initial project requirements:

RAAF Base Williamtown is home to the tactical fighter element of the Air Combat Group and the Airborne Early Warning and Control element of Surveillance and Response Group.

The Williamtown base was undergoing a list of modifications as part of the Air 6000 – New Air Combat Capability Facilities Project. This important national Defence project saw upgrades to RAAF base facilities to prepare for the introduction of the Joint Strike Fighter in 2019.

As part of the project, our client needed many larger oversized Sonic Access doors along with a range of Personnel Access(PA) size doors.

The doors were to secure and soundproof several areas including:

  • Training rooms
  • F-35 simulator rooms
  • Aircraft maintenance workshops
  • Base offices and OPS rooms
  • Meeting rooms, and
  • Accommodation quarters.

Project challenges:

Given the critical nature of the base’s operations, controlling and minimising noise is a significant consideration. Noise control helps to prevent potentially dangerous errors in communication and judgment and provides a safer, more comfortable work environment.

Flexshield solution:

Flexshield designed, manufactured, and supplied high-performance Sonic Access Rw45 acoustic doors, pre-hung in frames with hardware fitted.

To assist with complete end-to-end support, Flexshield representatives attended site throughout the project to confirm sizes and scope, provide installation guidance, and for Quality Assurance tracking.

Site visits help Flexshield’s acoustic designers to understand the processes of the defence application, allowing them to create the perfect acoustic door for the application.

The oversize door leaves were constructed and supplied in complete sections along with modular door frames ready to install. In contrast, the PA doors were “SonicFix” pre-hung in the frames with all hardware factory fitted.

With the fabrication and fitting process taking only six weeks from the shop drawing approval to dispatch, Flexshield was able to ensure on-time delivery and prevent any project delays.

Delivery to the site was on flatbed semi-trailers, enabling cranes to lift direct from the truck to the install location.

Mission Accomplished:

Throughout the project, Flexshield worked with both the ADF Estate Contractors and their subcontractors to ensure a smooth, trouble-free project delivery process.

The Sonic Access acoustic doors were manufactured and NATA tested to achieve high acoustic performance ratings of up to Rw46 and Rw52 for various models. All supplied doors passed their final Dw performance tests.

The complete door sets also provided unrivalled strength, insulation qualities and aesthetic appearance.

“SonicFix” ready-to-fix soundproof doors are the only 100% ready-to-install door set manufactured in Australia. This unique capability means any local builder can complete the installation, saving time and lowering cost while still providing a certified acoustic result.

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Flexshield has a proven track record of working with Defence. Our efficient and market-leading manufacturing processes ensure our high spec doors are manufactured within short lead times. Our lean manufacturing process drives down costs, while at the same time further improving the design and capability of our products.